A Man Stunned Social Media after Sharing Photos of his Mum

YupLife Staff

A young-looking mum got famous on Facebook and influencers begged for her anti-aging tips. A man stunned social media after sharing photos of his age-defying mum.

Jonathan with his Mom

22-year-old Jonathan Nguyen told his Facebook followers that men can’t stop hitting on his mother.

He joked: “Having a young Asian mum is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her.”

It didn’t take long for social media users to go crazy. The Facebook post has reached 14K likes and thousands of comments. Many influencers couldn’t believe that the woman in her 40s is still so youthful and many said she resembled more like Jonathan’s girlfriend than his mum.

One user commented: “Woah. She’s beautiful. “Thought she was your girlfriend.”

Another asked: “Your mum looks like your sister, what’s her secret?

A Man Stunned Social Media

“My mum lives a pretty healthy life so she eats healthy and workouts regularly,” said Jonathan.

She also ensures to stay hydrated and is always recalling me to drink water. So I think healthy foods, regular exercise, and drinking lots of water would be the foremost reason she looks so young. But she is also an aesthetician and understands well the importance of skincare and has a full skincare routine that she practices regularly. She also supported me with my skin issues and suggested a solid skincare routine to follow, Jonathan added.

While his mum regularly impresses with her ageless elegance, Jonathan declared that she’s not fond of being the center of attention.

Jonathan said, “I’m pretty surprised and so is my mum. I didn’t think that it would go viral on social media. We are just a bit taken back by all of this.

“My mom keeps to herself type of a person and she doesn’t like attention so she’s pretty upset and abashed that I shared her photos. She doesn’t even like capturing photos unless with my brother and me or our family,” he added.


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