The Most Dangerous Places in the World

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The Most Dangerous Places in the World

If you are planning to go out to travel and explore, beware of these dangerous places in the world. You would not dare to plan a tour to North Korea or Iraq, but there are still lots of desirable locations where traveling can be complicated or straightforward deadly. Read through our list to make sure the safety of yours and your family.

Dangerous Places in the World

Here is the list of most dangerous places in the world that you should avoid going on a vacation to. But in case you want to visit, keep these things in your mind before going.


India - Dangerous Places in the World

The extreme inequality in wealth and class may describe some of the dangers of scams and fraud in this country. But according to some reliable sources, it’s medical safety that actually makes India so dangerous. India receives the “exercise increased caution” status mostly due to air pollution, typhoid, and food and waterborne infections. It’s also a hub of the rare but life-threatening Nipah virus. If you want to visit the Taj Mahal built by Mughal Emperors who ruled India for almost 200 years, it is recommended to pay a visit to your physician before you go. Besides getting vaccinated, you may need to take antimalarial medications and consider travel insurance.


Hawaii - Honeymoon destinations

No doubt it is one of the top honeymoon destinations and a prime hot spot for lovers, it might be shocking to see the Big Island of Hawaii as a dangerous destination to visit. The eruption of a volcano has put Kilauea in a state of emergency, with toxic gas, fissures, lava flows, and earthquakes all a risk. You’ll possibly see special airline deals crop up, but think twice before making this flight. You can also check out these best islands in the world.


Acapulco - Best Islands in the World

This seaside resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast isn’t precisely the white-sand party destination it once was. With a Level 4 travel advisory (means not go area), it’s on the same level as places like Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Why so insecure? It’s regarded as the murder capital of the country, with dozens of gangs operating in the open. Want an alternative, check out these best hotel pools in the world.


Brazil - Dangerous Places in the World

When listed the 50 most dangerous cities in the world, 17 of them were in Brazil. If you want to go, it’s essential to always be conscious of your surroundings and careful with your security. Crime is widespread in the cities, and you need to be very cautious if you move anywhere outside the main visitor areas. Your health could also be at risk: If you’re going to the beach—even the famed sands of Ipanema—remember water pollution is a particular matter. One study observed that only three teaspoons of the water could expose swimmers to a viral or bacterial infection. The sand can also hide infectious bugs.



Compared to other African countries, the crime rate in Madagascar is rather lower. That being declared, political turbulence in this area has resulted in higher unemployment rates, which triggers burglaries and muggings. This is particularly true in congested areas, like airports and street markets. There is also an increasing trend of extreme highway thefts. Because of this, you should always move quickly and not remain idle or leave your car alone. It’s also necessary to understand there was a 2017 plague outbreak in Madagascar that killed 2,700 people.


Philippines - Travel destinations

Luckily, most of the Philippines is safe, it’s wise to avoid the southern part of the country—particularly the beach areas. On one of the largest islands—Mindanao, largely in the Zamboanga and Sulu Archipelago areas—you might come in contact with the ASG, an ISIS-affiliated terrorist organization known for its kidnap-for-ransom operations. If you go to the capital city of Manila, pickpocketing and sometimes brutal crime are on the rise.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City - Dangerous cities in the world

Political tensions, high poverty, drug trafficking, the risk of carjacking, and armed theft are only a few of the reasons to drive clear. Violent crime—including sexual assault and murder—are also prevalent, thanks in part to the various organizations in cities and along the borders. If you do choose to go, make certain to invest in a hotel that not only has a guard but a dedicated trained security staff. 


Yemen - Dangerous countries in the world

Sadly, no part of Yemen is safe from disturbance. Because terrorist organizations continuously plan and execute attacks, tourist locations, buses or trains, shopping malls, and other public areas are threatened with explosives and armed attacks. This has been the case for years, regarding the U.S. Embassy left its headquarters in February of 2015, suggesting there is no American security on the ground.


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