Brazilian Referee Receives Immoral Sexual Proposal

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Fernanda Colombo, a Brazilian referee, and sports journalist shared on Instagram that she felt like “trash” on receiving an inappropriate and immoral sexual proposal. Brazilian referee receives sexual Proposal after her viral video.

Blonde Referee Receives Sexual Proposal

Brazilian Referee ‘Fernanda Colombo’

The charming blonde shared a screenshot of an email she received, asking her to meet with “clients” for money. She drafted alongside the screenshot: “I got this e-mail today which made me feel like trash because it contains an immoral sexual proposal. I want to tell the world that I just want to do what I love which means working with football and journalism. Please, respect that!”

Screenshot of email she received

In the viral videoColombo seemed as if she was going to charge Barcelona Sporting Club star Kitu Diaz after she called him over. Instead of pulling a yellow card out of her pocket, she produced a handkerchief to wipe her forehead. The hilarious clip got millions of views and shares on social media.

Brazilian Referee Receives Sexual Proposal

Fernanda Colombo also works for Brazilian News Outlet Metropoles as a Sports Journalist. She was offered “Seven Thousand” for each meeting but the currency was not specified but would be 1,600 euros in Brazilian Real or around 6,200 Euros in Dollars.

Colombo posted a screenshot of the shameful proposal and wrote that it had left her feeling like “trash”. “I want to tell the world that I just want to do what I love, which means working with football and journalism. Please respect that”, she addressed.

The popular journalist was the official referee until 2018. Colombo’s card joke at a welfare game went viral on the internet. In early July, the Brazilian fooled a player. Instead of pulling a red card, Colombo pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


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