Teenage Girl Fights Off Bear to Save Dogs: Viral Video

YupLife Staff

Another wild animal encounter video surfaced from California. The shocking video starts with a mother bear and two cubs fearlessly walking on the top of a block wall in one of the houses in Bradbury. In the meantime, several house dogs run up barking. A large black dog fearlessly confronts the mother bear, who hits back three times as her cubs scramble away. Three smaller dogs continue to bark at the bear, and one almost gets caught by one of the bear’s paws. It was when a teenage girl came into action and fights off the bear.

Teenage Girl Fights Off Bear

Hailey Morinico, 17, said she heard the family dogs barking in her backyard and then saw a huge mama bear on a wall with her cubs. That’s when she runs up and pushes the bear. She falls to her knees from the effort but also managed to pull the bear off of the wall. In this fierce action, the bear loses its balance from the top of the wall. The girl then picks up one of the dogs, drives the others away from the area, and runs back into her house. The bear disappears back under the tree.


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