Pakistani Goat with the World’s Longest Ears Becomes an Instant Celebrity

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Pakistani Goat with the World’s Longest Ears Becomes an Instant Celebrity

Meet Simba – the kid goat from Karachi, Pakistan whose two ears measure 54cm (21in) each. Simba’s breeder, Mohammad Hasan Narejo told that he had even approached the Guinness World Records to register the animal as the world’s “Greatest of All Time” goat.

Simba – The Goat with Longest Ear

No category currently appears to exist for “longest-eared goat,” so it is unclear whether Simba’s ears are indeed record-breaking.

Simba – The Goat with Longest Ear

Born in the Sindh province of Pakistan to owner Muhammad Hassan Naranjo on June 5, the goat, named Simba is a Nubian breed. These breeds of goats are known for their unusually long ears. But Simba’s ears are too long, which could make her eligible for a world record.

Simba Nubian Pakistani Goat


Locals say the goat’s ears drag on the floor whenever she walks. If it is too windy, the ears wiggle in the air and dangle on the side of her face.

As per the experts, Simba’s unusually long ears could be the result of genetic mutations. His owner, however, says that besides the ear he hasn’t noticed anything unusual about the baby goat.

Simba’s ears are so long that Narejo has to fold them over his back to stop the goat from standing on them. He has also designed a harness so Simba can carry his ears around his neck.

Simba Goat

Narejo plans to raise Simba as a stud to promote the image of Pakistan as a top goat-breeding nation. “Simba’s Pakistan name must roam the whole world,” he said.


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