A Woman Rents Out Her Husband as a Handyman

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A Woman Rents Out Her Husband as a Handyman

It’s wonderful to have a spouse who’s handy. Every homeowner knows that there’s always something that needs to be fixed or replaced. Having a handy spouse makes it a lot easier to get things done while saving the family a whole lot of money. Here is the story of a woman rents out her husband as a handyman for odd jobs and it turns out as a blooming business.

Woman Rents Out Her Husband

Laura Young took things a step further and is using her handy husband, James, to make the family more money.

Laura revealed that she had a brilliant idea after listening to a podcast about a man who makes a living putting together ready-to-assemble furniture. Why not lend her husband out to other people to do odd jobs?

woman rents out her husband

“He’s good at everything around the house and garden, so I thought why not put those skills to use and hire him out?” Laura told.

Rent My Husband

Laura made a Facebook post joking about her husband’s incredible skills as a handyman and, surprisingly, people started booking him for jobs. James booked so many gigs that he was able to drop his job working in a warehouse and gain greater flexibility to help Laura raise their three kids, two of which are diagnosed autistic and the other requires speech and language therapy.

“It allows us to book jobs and estimates around appointments, school runs, without having to clear it with an employer first, risking them saying ‘no’ or being guilt-tripped, and feeling you’re letting a team down,” Laura told.

Laura Young and James

James has been diagnosed with autism as well. “James doesn’t come from a trade background but his granddad was a nuclear engineer. He got a very methodical mind and can think outside the box. He sees things differently.

The career change was perfect timing as James was having a hard time balancing work and home life. James charges £40 ($45) an hour and is available to work in Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas northwest of London, England. The couple gives price breaks to people who work for the National Health Service or who are 65 and older.

woman rents out her husband

The couple work together as a team: Laura handles the booking and social media and James do the manual labor. James works to help anyone who needs help, whether it’s installing a trampoline, building a wall or putting up a television. The couple has also added a new specialty service for him this holiday season: putting up Christmas lights.

Rent a handyman

A Woman Rents Out Her Husband as a Handyman


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