A 60-Year Old Man Lost 60 Lbs by Changing Lifestyle and Eating Habits

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A 60-Year Old Man Lost 60 Lbs by changing lifestyle and Eating Habits

Whenever we think of old age, it’s like life is over. But, thankfully, we are proven wrong; even then, you can radically change your life for the better. One example is Steve Ramsden, a 60-year-old man from Wakefield in England, who changed his lifestyle and stopped eating takeaway food and McDonald’s. He now appears with an enviable bodybuilder’s body and prepares to enter bodybuilding contests.

60-Year Old Man Lost 60 Lbs

It is never too late to lose weight, and older people can have a successful change by making some lifestyle changes. However, in Steve’s case, it was not only about losing weight but gaining muscles as well. Steve decided to change his lifestyle and stopped eating takeaway food and McDonald’s.

60-Year Old Man Lost 60 Lbs

We were wondering what pushed Steve to change his lifestyle.

He said: “I couldn’t tie my shoelaces without getting out of breath and hurt my back transferring a patient at work.”

He also added what bothered him the most in his daily life. “Wearing clothing that had to be baggy to hide my midriff.”

Journey of weight loss

In only 10 months, he managed to lose over 60 lbs. Due to drastic weight loss, we were wondering if he had a medical follow-up. Steve shared: “I got normal readings from doctors, no high cholesterol or borderline diabetic anymore. My blood pressure was normal. Family is 100% behind me.”

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Besides being healthier, he also mentions that he feels more confident.

“I feel a lot better in my body. I’ve bought clothes that hug my figure. Now I’m confident in myself when going out. I have more energy and feel more relaxed in a public environment.”

How to lose weight?

Having experience with weight loss, we asked what advice Steve would give to people who are unhappy with their bodies and can’t find the motivation to change.

60-Year Old Man Lost 60 Lbs

“Start by going out for a walk, throwing your takeaway pamphlets away, and cutting out as much bread and alcohol as you can first. Then go from there. You will notice a dramatic improvement after the first month.”

Steve Ramsden

Nowadays, Steve is looking to get into bodybuilding competitions with his son Danbo.

Steve Ramsden with son Danbo
Steve Ramsden with son Danbo

Changing unhealthy habits surely is difficult, but the worst part is giving up something you loved. We asked what Steve misses nowadays from his old life.

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“I only miss fresh cream cakes, LOL,” he said.

And lastly, a reminder to all: “People say they don’t have time, but they will sit and watch TV on average more than 2 hours a night. Take half an hour out of that and do some cardio (bike xtrainer, running machine, go for a brisk walk). These little changes will make all the difference.”


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