A Homeless Woman Sleeps In a Garbage Bag with Her Dogs

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A Homeless Woman Sleeps In a Garbage Bag with Her Dogs

We witness numerous stories of dogs’ loyalty every now and then, but this one proves it can be two-sided. A 65-year-old homeless woman was found on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, hiding from rain and cold inside a black plastic bag. It turned out that the huge garbage bag was an improvised shelter for her and the six dogs she cares for. Keep reading to know why this woman sleeps in a garbage bag.

Woman Sleeps In a Garbage Bag

Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran, known as “Chole,” has been living on the streets for 8 years, but despite life being harsh to her, she worries about the wellbeing of her dogs more than her own. As they give her protection, warmth, and above all – love and friendship.

Woman Sleeps In a Garbage Bag
Image credits: Omar Camarillo

The heartfelt scene, caught by photographer Omar Camarillo, broke hearts online not only because of the unbelievable conditions an aged woman has to live in but as proof that those who have the least set the greatest example of unconditional love and kindness.

A 65-year-old homeless woman was spotted in a garbage bag with 6 dogs on the streets of Tijuana.


Dog's Loyalty
Image credits: Omar Camarillo

The police officers spent half an hour attempting to convince the woman to accept their help and stay at a shelter, but she burst into tears as she didn’t want to leave her loyal companions behind. The animals are not permitted at the shelter, so she prefers to stay outside no matter what.

Love story

The police couldn’t leave her in cold and hazardous conditions and finally succeeded to persuade her to find shelter for the night

Apparently, “Chole” spent the night at her son’s place, but was back on the streets the next day.

Woman Sleeps In a Garbage Bag

After the tragic story went viral, a kind local woman decided to help Chole.

After learning about the story, Alejandra Cordova Castro was deeply moved and determined to support “Chole” with what she and the dogs need the most: water, food, blankets, socks, etc. It’s a pure, kind gesture that doesn’t cost much but means the world to the old woman trying to survive in her harsh reality.

Emotional story

Chole now stays at the sanctuary for 50 pesos a day. It’s in a very bad condition, but at least her furry family is together.

Woman Sleeps In a Garbage Bag

Despite life treating her brutally, Chole has a kind heart and expects the government provides a place for her so that she can rescue even more dogs.


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