A Dog Saved Its Pregnant Owner’s Life by Continuously Barking at Her Belly

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A Dog Saved Its Pregnant Owner’s Life by Continuously Barking at Her Belly

If you are a pet owner then you know that animals can pick up on most of the things that humans can’t. Their instincts are much stronger than humans. You may not believe this fact, but we are quite sure that you will start believing it once you read about the extraordinary story of Alhanna Butler and her dog Keola. A dog saved its pregnant owner’s life by relentlessly barking at her belly knowing something’s wrong.

A Dog Saved Its Pregnant Owner’s Life

Alhanna and her fiancé, Ricky, were super happy when they discovered she was pregnant. However, when she was four months into the pregnancy, her dog Keola started acting strangely and was constantly pawing at Alhanna’s belly. Although the couple ignored Keola’s behavior at first, they soon realized the terrifying reason behind her odd behavior.

A Dog Saved Its Pregnant Owner’s Life

When Alhanna and her fiancé Rickey decided to start a family, they failed even after several attempts. One day, Alhanna received the most anticipated news that she is pregnant. Keola was also very excited about the news and started to spend the most time with Alhanna as her belly grew bigger by the day.

Keola started behaving oddly

Keola was normal at first, but she started to behave really strangely by the time her mom was about four-month pregnant.

Keola’s behavior was odd as she was no longer watching over her mom peacefully. Instead, she started whimpering and pawing at Alhanna’s belly. It seemed like she was trying to get something out, but the couple didn’t pay much attention to it.

Alhanna and Keona
Alhanna and Keona hugging each other

Except for Keola’s behavior, the pregnancy of Alhanna was going pretty okay and she was really enjoying it. Pregnancy was going like a breeze for Alhanna, until one day she started to feel sharp pains. She had just hit 16 weeks when she suddenly started to experience some really sharp pains in her lower back.

The intensity of pain was so severe that she could hardly talk or walk. Ricky rushed her to the hospital and prayed for the best. The couple felt really relieved upon hearing the news that the baby was fine and it was only pregnancy that was taking its toll on her body. She was advised to just take it easy on her body and get more rest. But something still wasn’t right!

Pet dog saved owner's life

Alhanna with her mother
Alhanna with her mother

Although Alhanna was still experiencing sharp pains, she trusted the doctors and went to her comfortable bed to get some much-needed rest. Alhanna shared the updates on Facebook the next day so that her family and friends would know how everything was going. She also shared Keola’s changing behavior with the belly bump.

Some of Alhanna’s friends even urged her to trust Keola’s instincts and that she should go back to the doctor. Alhanna’s pain remained and she started to believe that Keola might be right. It wasn’t until her mother stepped in and urged her to get a second medical opinion.

Keola - A Dog Saved Its Pregnant Owner’s Life

Alhanna woke up the next morning still in pain. However, she decided to go to work. As she tried to head out of the door, Keola tried her best to stop her mom. Keola jumped up and down and kept on whining. And then, Alhanna collapsed. Ricky heard the commotion and quickly took her to the emergency room.

Alhanna was in the emergency room and her condition started to stabilize. Doctors ran a series of tests to determine the cause of her pain and wanted to know if there was anything serious or not. Everyone was waiting for the results and soon they found that Keola was right: it was not good news.

A double kidney infection

After running a thorough exam and a series of tests, doctors came back with concerning news. Alhanna had a double kidney infection. The scary thing about Alhanna condition was that if she had waited any longer, it could’ve caused her and her baby’s death.

Emotional pet story

The doctors knew that Alhanna was at serious risk of not losing her pregnancy but also her life. The doctors wasted no time in placing Alhanna on a serious regimen of antibiotics. They started to provide the necessary care and treatment to stop any further damage to her kidneys.

Everyone felt relieved as the treatment worked and Alhanna and her baby were healthy. During Alhanna’s antibiotic regimen, the doctors monitored the progress and ensured that the infection cleared up.

After such stressful times, the good news finally came as Alhanna gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The baby boy was named Lincoln. The couple felt over the moon and they were so grateful to Keola. They were super excited to bring their new baby to their home and also so they could introduce him to Keola.

Lincoln - Alhanna's son
Lincoln – Alhanna’s son

As expected, Keola was instantly ecstatic upon realizing that her mom and dad had a new baby brother with them. Keola was so much excited that she just couldn’t leave her baby brother’s side.

Keola and Lincoln
Keola and Lincoln

Winning an Animal Hero Award

Alhanna truly felt that Keola saved her life and the life of her unborn child. For her, Keola was a hero and apparently, others felt that as well. The story of Keola went viral and she was nominated for an Animal Hero Award by the RSPCA. Keola attended the award ceremony with her mom and dad where she received an award.

Keola receiving award from RSPCA
Keola receiving award from RSPCA

Was Keola’s behavior was a coincidence?

Some people think that Keola’s behavior was just a coincidence, but many pet owners have a firm opinion that pets can tell when something isn’t right.


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