Inspiring Video by Google that Shows World’s Love for its Heroes

YupLife Staff

Every year, Google dives into the world’s search engine history so they can examine precisely what people were searching for the most—and in 2019, people were searching for their heroes. Not cinema heroes, but real-life heroes. In this inspiring video by Google, you will see how much the world remembers its heroes.

Inspiring Video by Google

Last year’s Google data announced that a record-breaking number of people were looking for “good” things, and this year’s statistics move in a very related positive direction.

Inspiring Video by Google

According to the tech company’s latest internet data, there was a global rise in people searching for phrases such as “unlikely heroes”, “everyday heroes”, “sheroes”, and “unsung heroes”.

“We found heroes at the box office, where Avengers: Endgame was the top-trending movie around the world (in fact, ‘hero’ was searched three times more than ‘villain’ globally this year),” Google wrote in a statement.

“We turned to real-life heroes in times of crisis, when searches for ‘how to become a first responder’ hit an all-time high in the U.S. We cheered for them on the field, where Megan Rapinoe was one of the top-trending athletes globally. And she was joined by other leading ladies: searches for ‘sheroes’ increased by 150% and the ‘first female spacewalk’ became a breakout trend worldwide.”


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