A Dog Won’t Leave the Place Where His Owner Died

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Photo Credits: Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

You might have heard several stories when wild animals saved human life or even the pet dog saved his owner. But have you ever heard of the story of a Japanese Akita dog named Hachiko, who waited for his late owner to arrive? Hachiko kept waiting at Tokyo’s Shibuya train station regularly for nine years until he too passed away. No doubt, the bond between a man and his pet is strong and extraordinary. But if you’re not familiar with the fact that dogs have emotions too, this story will bring tears to your eyes because a dog won’t leave the place where his owner died.

Photo Credits: Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

The owner of this dog was a 40-year-old man named Haris who collided with a cement mixer on the Old Ring Road to the River Evinos on November 9, 2017. Unfortunately, his brother had met a similar end a few years earlier. The dog is named as the Greek Hachiko, after the faithful heartbroken Japanese Akita who mourned his owner.

Photo Credits: Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

It was not easy for Greek Hachiko to accept that his owner was no longer with him in this world.

Photo Credits: Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

It is not known how he made it, but somehow, the faithful dog traveled seven and a half miles from his home in Nafpaktos to visit Haris’s accident site. No matter how hard anyone tries, he refuses to leave the place.

Faithful Greek Hachiko has been suffering his owner’s death more than a year and a half and he won’t have it any other option.

Photo Credits: Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

The locals have tried hard to take him away and find him a friendly new family to be with, but the dog refuses this offer and always finds his way back to that memorial site where his owner dreadfully lost his life. And the locals decided to help him differently.

The locals kept trying to motivate and help the Greek Hachiko to move on and get out of this situation.

Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

The kind people tried their best to help him move. But that doesn’t mean they decided to give up on him. So, instead of trying to shift the dog to a new family, they decided to build him a little shelter on that spot and provide him food and water while he waits for his owner to make a return to his home.

Nafpaktianews Web TV / YouTube

A Dog Won’t Leave the Place of His Owner Death

Quite often locals stop by and offer the dog some much-needed love. But at the end of the day, there’s only one person he wants to see again and that’s his owner Haris. But of course, that can never happen and maybe he knows it but is trying to accept the reality.


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