Cats Are Mesmerized by a Bird and then a Dog Came

YupLife Staff

Cats are some of the fascinating creatures on the planet. Specialists consider cats a strict carnivore which means they require a diet of meat in some form. Just like other carnivores in the animal world, cats sleep 12 to 15 hours a day. One of their most charming characteristics is their unbelievable reflexes. They can run and jump in a very brief moment. Sometimes their quick reflexes make it seem as if they are in danger because we don’t see what causes them to move so quickly. You might have seen some funniest photos from wildlife. In this video cats are mesmerized by a bird and then see what dog did there.

Cats are mesmerized by a bird

This video is an accurate illustration of how quick their reflexes are. Three cats enjoying the moment, observing a bird that seems to enjoy all the consideration but when the dog arrived at the party, the environment he created is even more charming.


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