Grandma Mistakes Grandson’s Sex Toys for Thermal Socks

YupLife Staff

Everyone probably has a laundry list of things in their room or on their phone they would never want their parents to find. Well, one man in Japan had this fear come to life when his grandma mistakes grandson’s sex toys for thermal socks in his drawer while hunting for some socks.

The unnamed man, from Japan, saw that his grandma had come across his, ahem, fleshlights, presuming they were a pair of warm socks.

Grandma Mistakes Grandson’s Sex Toys

The story doesn’t finish there though. Not only did she find the toys she mixed them for thermal socks and decided to borrow them and put them onto her feet. This made the horrifying discovery wandering into his room, and recorded the rest of the funny encounter on camera.

His unconscious grandmother had found two fleshlights rather than thermal socks and had gotten back into bed. After putting them on, however, she quickly understood they may not have been actually what she was after.

Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for him, the young man stepped into her room and quickly realized what had happened. He boldly exposed the true purpose of the ‘socks’, and then had to help pull them off her feet.
But while it could have been carefully mortifying, the man somehow succeeded to see the humorous side and grandma looked pretty unbothered.

Grandma mistakes grandson’s sex toys

After the dust had settled over the event, the man then computed that he could now no longer use the ‘socks’, knowing that they’d been on his gran’s feet.

However, as one might guess, the ‘socks’ were quite challenging to remove, which saw the Twitter user having to step in and help his grandma pull them off.

Although the sex toys endured being pulled off the woman’s feet, the Twitter user stated he would no longer use them. And instead of casting them in the trash, he offered them to anyone interested in taking them.


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