Signs that are Destroying Your Relationship

YupLife Staff

There are times when your partner feels reserved and distant and if it’s quite often, it may be time to have a proper glance at your relationship. Yes, it feels awesome to be madly in love with someone, but sometimes you need to take off the blindfold and investigate the reality which may not be so comfortable. So what are those signs that are destroying your relationship you should not ignore?

Signs that are Destroying Your Relationship

The distance can be a sign

Giving space to each other is a good trait but if it seems like you are on the ground, and the other person is in the sky, then certainly something’s missing! It doesn’t mean it makes them a toxic person but their preferences and emotional needs are different from yours.

Partner or Parasite

Holding each other’s hands through thick and thin is ethical but being clingy is when you should get up and smell the coffee. If you notice that your partner is everywhere, all the time, leaving you no space, it may be time to silently step back. Again, they may have some serious issues with dominance and overprotectiveness but it’s for their therapist to fix, not you.

Core values difference

I am not talking about “such a dog” person or “such a clingy cat” person (although pets are best for emotional support), I am talking about fundamental values and aims in life. Whether you want children, whether you are practicing, what are your long term purposes, how possessive you are and the list goes on! These are characteristics you should jointly agree on and appreciate if you want a successful relationship.

Make you feel bad

Always remember! No one, and I mean no one, has the freedom to bully you and make you feel bad about yourself. If your partner makes you feel bad in any way about your preferences like eating, clothing, activities, it is a red flag to let go of the partner rather than holding the knife scratching your hand.


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