The Best Latest Movies on Every Big Platform

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The Best Latest Movies on Every Big Platform

Netflix may be the most popular and have a huge fan base, but it’s hardly a one-stop-shop for movie lovers who are interested to stream basic classic and modern films. Each of the leading streaming platforms provides to its own niche of cinema obsessives. From Netflix to Amazon Prime, Disney+ to the Criterion Channel, here are the best movies coming to each streaming platform this month.

Best Latest Movies

From chilling fright fare on Shudder to the unlimited surprises of the Criterion Channel, and latest hits on the Amazon Prime, and the new boundaries of streaming offered by the likes of HBO Max, these are the best latest movies on the big platforms.

Knives Out – Amazon Prime

Knives Out - Best Latest Movies

Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out” — a crackling, tortuous, and extremely pleasant old-school whodunnit with a contemporary twist — is a tale about a family who’ve persuaded themselves that being rich is their inheritance; that they’re designated to their assets because they’ve never had to work for it. But the film is set in a dynamic world that’s ripping off tradition however it can.

Artemis Fowl – Disney Plus

Artemis Fowl - Disney Plus

Artemis Fowl, taken from Eoin Colfer’s successful YA novel of the same name and possessing an all-star cast that includes Colin Farrell, Judi Drench, Josh Gad, Hong Chau, and somehow not Lin Manuel-Miranda, Kenneth Branagh’s “Artemis Fowl” was recorded to be one of Disney’s big summer tentpoles until the pandemic forced them to reroute the $125 million adventure to home video.

Ad Astra – HBO Max

Ad Astra - Best Latest Movies

Ad Astra is an awe-inspiring movie about the horror of male vulnerability and the fait accompli of becoming your own father — whomever he might be. The account follows Brad Pitt’s Maj. Roy McBride as he travels towards the outer boundaries of our solar system to discover his long-lost astronaut father (Tommy Lee Jones), and stop him from grilling the Earth with long-range space rays. Even with a straight account that never slows down, a quest course that feels like “Fury Road” on the moon and a suspenseful image of the galaxy that makes room for any number of unexpected wonders. “Ad Astra” is still one of the most ruminative, reserved, and curiously hopeful space odysseys this side of “Solaris.”

Lady Bird – Netflix

Lady Bird – Netflix

June 2020 is definitely going to be an exceptional month on Netflix, as the streaming monster tries to stave off an unexpected introduction of a new opponent (led by HBO Max) by presenting an extensive grab pack of unique and licensed content that showcases the company’s matchless strength to offer just about anything it wants. On Netflix, a small clutch of perfect classics (“West Side Story,” “E.T.”) are joined by some more modern luxury food (“Casper,” “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”), and an A24 treasure that splits the difference between the two (“Lady Bird”). In the eminent words of Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson: “Don’t be a Republican.”

Shirley – HULU

Shirley – HULU

Shirley has a lot to offer. Its a venomous eros, its mysteries in insane focus, its constant determination to extract the “thrillingly horrible” process of a young woman’s self-awakening — intrigue to embarrass the idea that Decker wouldn’t be able to investigate her truth in someone else’s fiction.

The Watermelon Woman – The Criterion Channel

The Watermelon Woman – The Criterion Channel

As part of The Criterion Collection’s support to the Black Lives Matter campaign and the company’s overall dedication to anti-racism, The Criterion Channel has lifted the paywall on select titles from black filmmakers. “The Watermelon Woman” narrates the tale of a young black lesbian trying to make a documentary about the nominal screen legend, a black lesbian actress from the 1930s who disappeared without a trace.


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