This Girl Made her Tiny Apartment a Large Home! Home Ideas

YupLife Staff

For New Yorkers, living in an expensive city usually means spending most of their income on rent as the city is notorious for small space apartments and excessive rent expenses. But this girl made her tiny apartment a large home.

Felice Cohen is a writer, artist, and organizer who desired to live in Manhattan and be part of the hustle and bustle. She got a small apartment just a block away from Central Park that was surrounded by stores, restaurants, and gyms.

This Girl Made her Tiny Apartment a Large Home

The 90-square-foot apartment proved to be the ideal challenge for the professional organizer. She confesses to having a panic attack the first night she spent in the apartment. Her bed is inches away from the ceiling and the small apartment gave her a unique aspect about life.

“Living in that tiny space made my life so much bigger,” says Felice.

Despite her tiny apartment, she gets a magnificent view of the city through her window. Watch in the video how she managed to make her tiny apartment look like a house from inside.


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