17-Year-Old Viral TikTok of her Cat is Mesmerizing Netizens

YupLife Staff

Jade Taylor-Ryan is a little schoolgirl in Ontario and has a passion for soccer. This 17-year-old viral Tiktok of her cat “Ed” is taking over the internet.

She was only using the video app since last month, but on Friday she shared a clip starring 4-year-old Ed that’s become one of TikTok’s most viral creations.

 17-Year-Old Viral TikTok

Set to the 1954 song “Mr. Sandman” by the barbershop-pop group the Chordettes, the 12-second clip shows Ed clapping his paws, gazing into the camera, and twisting as Taylor-Ryan twirls him in and out of frame in time with the melody.

For people concerned about Ed being whirled about, Taylor-Ryan said no animals were harmed in the making of the film.

“Ed is very chill!” she said.


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