A 17-Year-Old Girl without Forearms is Inspiring People

YupLife Staff

A 17-year-old girl Noor Jaleela from Kerala, India was born without forearms and legs but she does not let that affect her in any way and this is her story how she is inspiring people through art.

Noor Jaleela is a multi-talented young artist who paints, sings and plays the violin along with being a motivational speaker and social activist. The Kozhikode based girl was born without forearms and legs but she has never let her disability come in way of her dreams. She is now inspiring thousands of people with her motivational story.

According to her family, they unintentionally discovered her art when one day her sister Ayesha left her record book home and Jaleela misjudged it for a sketchbook and started drawing on it. When her parents saw her sketches, they supported her and even brought her drawing paper, colors, and sketch pens.

A 17-Year-Old Girl without Forearms Inspiring People

When Noor was in class 7th she accompanied herself with another skill which she has shone in now and that is playing the violin.

This motivated young lady works with many NGOs to support kids with disabilities and also dreams of visiting NASA and climbing Mount Everest.

According to her, she owes all her accomplishments to her family who has been her support system throughout.

Some of Noor Jaleela’s Paintings


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