A British-Pakistani Taxi Driver is Praised for Patience against Racist Abuse

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A British-Pakistani Taxi Driver is Praised for Patience against Racist Abuse

Abid Mustafa, a British-Pakistani taxi driver is praised by many people for her patience against the racist abuse he faced from a British passenger. A video went viral on the internet in which it can be seen that a white Brit is continuously abusing her over his nationality but the humble taxi driver did not lose his temper and handled the situation very politely.

British-Pakistani Taxi Driver

The viral video of the racist attack has received millions of views so far. It shows the white male rider saying: You think there is something special in you and Pakistan too. Let me tell you one thing, that’s the reason India is bombing you.”

In response, the British-Pakistani driver simply said, “OK, no problem.” Despite this, the extreme passenger continued to malign Pakistan, saying that “Pakistan will never win that war.” This time too, the Pakistani driver said, “No problem.”

British-Pakistani Taxi Driver

Then the passenger continued you know this is England on which the Pakistani driver responded that I will post this conversation on Facebook, the fanatic passenger said that you are earning in England we should respect it, the Pakistani driver said that ‘Thank you very much, sir, I will post this video on Facebook so that more people will see it.’

Then the wild passenger said what you think, to which the Pakistani driver said, “Thank you very much, your time is up.”

A British hurled racist abuse at Pakistani Cab Driver

The fanatical passenger continued, “Do you think that you Pakistani after coming to England can beat us, to which the Pakistani driver replied that we are not here to compete.”

Abid Mustafa, who quietly handled the situation and reminded him that he would upload the video on social media, but the passenger proceeded to harras the driver saying, “You think I give a flying f***?” The driver then asked the passenger to leave his cab after returning him the change. Yet, while getting off his cab, the passenger again abused the driver for being a Muslim.

Abid Mustafa - British-Pakistani Taxi Driver
Abid Mustafa – British-Pakistani Taxi Driver

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: ‘We’re aware of a video circulating online that shows a taxi driver being racially abused – we can confirm that we’re investigating. And according to the latest news, the 52-year-old passenger has now been arrested had hurled Islamophobic and racist abuses at the driver.

In response to the video, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith, praised the driver for keeping calm during the incident. She tweeted, “Shabash & respect” to this Pakistani-British cab driver for keeping his cool in the face of “unspeakable racist abuse”.

Mr. Mustafa is being made the first honorary ambassador of the West Midlands Taxi Drivers’ Association (WMTDA) for the beautiful way he handled the situation in Birmingham.


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