A Lion Saves His Brother and teaches us a Lesson

YupLife Staff

You might have heard several stories when wild animals saved human life. It is quite unusual but it is true! There are also some occasions when these animals save each other lives and those are fascinating moments too. It is a similar story when a lion saves his brother and teaches us a lesson.

In this beautiful video, a young lion named “Red” is exploring the world around him. It is in the lion’s nature that they are so keen to defend their territories. Red is wandering at the edge of his territory when he finds himself in a pack of almost 20 hyenas. This number of hyenas can easily kill a single lion.

Red surrounded by pack of hyenas

Red could outrun hyenas easily but he decided to tell hyenas who the real king is. Meanwhile, hyenas started surrounding him and even they attacked Red several times but Red didn’t run. At this moment, he teaches a very important lesson and that is; whatever is yours, fight for it! No matter how hard it is, no matter how dangerous it is, fight for what is right and never give up! Red preferred to defend his territory on running away like a coward.

A Lion Saves His Brother

Tatu comes to the party

Meanwhile, his ally and brother “Tatu” come on the spot. He sees Red is in great trouble as he is surrounded by the pack of hyenas. So he jumps into the fight. On the other hand, hyenas after noticing that their prey’s brother arrived at the party, find it better to run for life. Tatu saves Red’s life and ensures: A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Some people commented on YouTube, “The bromance at the end is the one best things you’ll ever see in nature.”  Another said, “Wow this lion king remake was much better than I expected.” But this video proves that even animals have emotions!


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