A Pit Bull Saved 5-year-Old Girl from a Deadly Dog

YupLife Staff

Certain dog breeds are just like killing machines. In the start, the German shepherds were known as attack dogs that would jump at their victims on command. Part of the reason these husky, muscular, and frightening breeds earned such a notorious reputation is that their masters often raised them to be attacking with the smallest provocation. There are also some moments when animals saved human life and the same thing happened when a pit bull saved a 5-year-old girl from a lethal dog.

There are a lot of stories of pit bulls and their often lethal clashes with humans. Time and time again, it has been observed that pit bulls like every other breed are moldable to their owner’s breeding and training objectives. Any dog can be risky and lethal under the care of the wrong person.

A Pit Bull Saved 5-year-Old Girl

The five-year-old, Remayah Hernandez was riding her bike outside with a friend when she was attacked by the neighbor’s dog, a Labrador retriever mix. The canine attacked Remayah wounding her eyelids, upper lip, and cheek.

Her family’s pit bull, named “Trigger,” jumped over the wall when he saw his family attacked. The neighbor’s dog had to be euthanized.

Remayah’s mom Lucila, appreciated their pet for protecting the little girl from something more worse.

“He’s like a hero. He’s like a protective dog. We taught him to be protective and caring for the family,” says Lucila.

Remayah was left scared and shocked by the accident. Her family had saved bucks to take the little girl to Disney World but because of this incident, plans had to be changed and instead use the money for her medical expenses.


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