Alt Rock Fusion Band “Delphi Ravens” Set for Breakout

YupLife Staff
Alt Rock Fusion Band, Delphi Ravens, set for breakout

Sometimes the best discoveries are hard to find. Breaking out of the southern Oregon music scene are the rock fusion band Delphi Ravens. There first 3 singles are about to be released but I had the pleasure to get a sneak listen, live in the studio. Wow!

Rock Fusion Band Delphi Ravens

This band is going to make a personal impression on many who love alternative rock and music in general. The band combines elements from popular music but also lesser known styles while adding nuances from other genres that will generate emotional reactions from listeners everywhere.

Rock Fusion Band Delphi Ravens

Founded by bassist Papa B., the distinct sounds and rich, powerful vocals of Kira make for a listening experience you will want to hear! Papa B. is the songwriter for most of their music and I asked him what inspires his music. “What I love to do is write impactful lyrics and use rhythmic combinations of various musical styles. All while staying true to our core of alternative rock.”

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With the pandemic going on the band is totally focused on writing new material. Papa B., along with Kira, have more than a dozen songs in progress and many more started.

When asked about live performances Papa B. stated, “We would love to be doing gigs right now but have decided that writing more originals is a priority. We hope that 2021 brings a better year for everyone and plan to be out there as soon as possible. We can’t wait to perform for our fans!”

Delphi Ravens

And neither can I. The Delphi Ravens sound as good live as they do on recordings, a rare treat. And one I am glad to report, many people will be enjoying very soon.


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