An Emerging Pakistani Superstar! Sarah Khan

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Over the last few years, we have seen many new faces on TV and silver screens in the Pakistani entertainment industry. These shining new stars have succeeded to grab our attention with their solid performances, charismatic personalities, and fascinating acting skills that won million hearts. One such actress is no other than an emerging Pakistani superstar Sarah Khan.

Sarah built a niche for herself in the industry and has won huge fame & fan following in a short period. This skilled actress has her own distinct style. She bestowed her talent as a supporting actress and her charming performance made herself a prominent name in the drama industry.

Early Life

Sarah shared her childhood with Noor on Instagram

Sarah Khan was born on 22 January 1992. She completed her education from the University of Karachi. The beautiful actress hails from Karachi and was a VJ before she started her career in the drama industry.


Khan’s family includes two sisters and one brother. The other two sisters are Noor Khan and Aisha Zafar Khan. Noor Khan is also a part of the showbiz industry.  Noor is the youngest amongst all her siblings and has always been close to Sarah that made it more accessible for Noor to pursue her dreams and join showbiz.

Debut and Career

Sarah started her career at the age of 20 as a model. She succeeded to carve her name on the top model list of the industry in a very short time. She is recognized for her screen debut in “Badi Aapa” with a supporting role that gave her the heights of popularity and success.

She has also appeared in ads, promotions, music videos, dramas, telefilms and hosting for the TV shows. Some of the best advertisements of the star are Coca Cola, Lipton, Warid, and Toyo. She has further highlighted herself in the music videos that are Woh Pehli Baar by Ali Farrukh and Mein Wohi Aashiq by Aagha Ali.

Dramas and Telefilms List

  • Badi Aapa – Drama (2012)
  •  Humnasheen – Drama (2012)
  •  Mirat-ul-Uroos – Drama (2012)
  •  Gohar-e-Nayab – Drama (2013)
  •  Ek Kasak Reh Gai – Drama (2013)
  •  Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain – Telefilm (2014)
  •  Ghar Ek Jannat – Drama (2014)
  •  Hum Thehrey Gunehgar – Drama (2014)
  •  Bhool – Drama (2014)
  •  Alvida – Drama (2015)
  •  Mohabbat Aag Si – Drama (2015)
  •  Dil Nahi Manta – Drama (2015)
  •  Mumkin – Drama (2015)
  •  Naraaz – Drama (2015)
  •  Mein Kaise Kahoon – Drama (2016)
  •  Tum Mere Ho – Drama (2016)
  •  Dekho Chaand Aaya – Chand Raat Special (2016)
  •  Ahsas – Drama (2016)
  •  Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain – Telefilm (2017)
  •  Tumhare Hain – Drama (2017)
  •  Nazr-e-Bad – Drama (2017)
  • Yaar-e Bewafa -Drama (2017)
  • Belapur Ki Dayan – Drama (2018)
  • Karamat e Ishq – Drama (2018)
  • Ustani Jee – Drama (2018)
  • Mere Bewafa – Drama (2018)
  • Band Khirkiyan – Drama (2018)
  • Mere Humdam – Drama (2019)
  • Choti Choti Batain – Telefilm (2019)
  • Deewar-e-Shab – Drama (2019)


Sarah won ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award in 2016 at Hum awards for TV serial ‘Mohabbat Aag Si’ of Hum TV.

Likes and Hobbies

Khan loves to read, travel, sing and listen to music. Her favorite actor is Waheed Murad and actress is Parineeti Chopra while her favorite colors include White, Red, and Black.

Marital Status

She is single at the moment although she loves marriage and having kids from a very young age. She doesn’t have anyone in mind as of now.

Political Views

Sarah and her sister cast their votes for the first time in the 2018 general elections for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and are hopeful for the positive change as promised by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

An Emerging Pakistani Superstar Sarah Zafar Khan: Photo Gallery

Fun time with friend actress Nausheen Shah

Performing Umrah

At Wadi e Jinn, Medina


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