Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

YupLife Staff

We have seen a large rising trend in women-owned businesses and according to new research, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 3000% since 1972. So if you are thinking of starting your business? There’s no best time to start like the present. We bring some best business ideas for women entrepreneurs who are seeking work balance, financial stability or wanting to be your boss.

Best Business Ideas for Women

App Developing

Best businesses for women

You can design apps that can help thousands of users to solve their problems. From booking various appointments, combating street crimes or harassment to safely chauffeuring kids. Though it seems a male dominant field and can be tricky you can take inspiration from Shaan Kandawalla, founder of the educational app Playdate Digital. She proved that it is possible with customers that include brands like Play-Doh, My Little Pony and Transformers.

Online Seller

Business ideas for women

The modern technology has made it easier to sell physical products online and made it easier for women to run the business even while sitting at home. We have seen women running websites and selling clothes, footwear, baby products, electronic gadgets and much more.

One such woman is Anna Metselitsa, an immigrant entrepreneur arrived in the US with only $300 in her pockets. She then launched her online boutique with the name Haute Rouge and now she is earning in thousands every month.

Farming and Agriculture

This field is perfect for nature lovers and Kristy Allen is proof of it. She’s running a business with the name The Beez Kneez and sells fresh honey. Also, she is conducting paid classes where she teaches beekeeping and earns thousands from that.

You can also earn money by starting a similar business like selling bacon, homemade sausages, and organic foods.


best business for women

If you have skills of capturing a pace or a moment then you can earn from it. Photography is a fast-growing profession with minimum investment. Photographers can run studios those film weddings, events, travel tours and those moments which clients want to remember with imagery.


Best jobs for women

This is an evergreen and versatile industry. You can step into it in many ways like developing an app for saloon booking, crafting beauty products, selling perfumes or run a saloon and do hair and makeup for special events. You can earn a lot of money and can find a good future for yourself in this ever growing sector.

Catering and Restaurant Management

Businesses for women

Most of the women naturally love cooking and if you have a passion for cooking and baking, you can turn this idea into a profitable business. Since you are a good cook, just turn your best cooking skills like a delicious cake, healthy snacks, edible recipes, mouthwatering shakes or whatever you are master in – into a selling product.

Content Writing/ Blogging

You can also call it a zero investment job and can practice it either part-time or full time. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection to start. Though the progress in this field is slow but proves to be beneficial in the long run. There’s another field related to this called editing/proofreading. So if you have good reading skills and have command over the language you can go for it. In the last couple of years, women have seen interested in this job because it allows then to look after their homes as it is completely home-based.


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