Street Photography of China in the 1980s

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Shanghai, 1985 - Image Credits:

Adrian Bradshaw, a British photographer landed in Beijing in 1984. He planned to spend three decades filming China’s transforming culture. In his new book, The Door Opened: 1980s China, he shares pictures of everyday life in China, picking from his chronicles of almost two million photos. Here is street photography of China in the 1980s with captions from the photographer.

Street Photography of China in the 1980s

The slogan: “Long Live Mao Zedong thought,” is painted over, Beijing, 1985 – Image Credits:

Two tricycle riders enjoy the rare sight of a long-nosed foreigner, Shanghai, 1985 – Image Credits:

Muhammad Ali, Beijing, 1985 – Image Credits:

A fashion show featuring clothes by the French designer Pierre Cardin is seen at the Beijing Maxim’s in 1985, a replica of the original restaurant in Paris – Image Credits:

A fairground, Shanghai, 1985 – Image Credits:

A young girl learns to walk while her grandmother watches with a smile, Chengdu, 1985 – Image Credits:

A portable music player attracts the attentions of a small crowd, Shanghai, 1985 – Image Credits:

A man cools off in a canal, Beijing, 1985 – Image Credits:

Courtiers take up position in the centre of the Forbidden City during a scene in the filming of The Last Emperor, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Beijing, 1985 – Image Credits:

A street market, Hefei, 1986 – Image Credits:

Construction begins on the Pudong waterfront, Shanghai, 1987 – Image Credits:


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