Meanwhile in Australia: The Land of Nope

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Meanwhile in Australia: The Land of Nope

While most people relate Australia with adorable koalas and jumping kangaroos but that is not the case. The land down under is loaded with some of the most dangerous animals and insects on the planet. From giant spiders to venomous snakes, these animals make you want to run away and say “nope,” which is why people are calling it the “land of nope.” In this article, we have collected some of the scariest creatures to show you the diversity in Australia.

The Land of Nope

This is the grey-headed flying fox. This great bat native to Australia. They are not dangerous to humans because they usually eat nectar and pollen from eucalyptus trees.

The great flying fox

From far away, this might appear to be a crocodile, but it is actually a type of giant lizard. They are not much dangerous unless provoked.

The land of nope- Lizards in Australia

What happens when an olive python encounters a crocodile; the python will usually win, according to these photos.

Crocodile vs Python

It is an Araucaria pine cone. These pine cones can grow up to 14 inches in diameter and weigh almost 40 pounds heavy enough to kill a man.

widowmaker pine cones

This kangaroo has been hitting the gym, and he looks like he had been preparing for a fight. He is flexing for his fans.

Kangaroos - The land of nope

Do you think he is aware of the massive stick bug on his shoulder? This is the stuff of nightmares, although these bugs aren’t harmful.

The land of nope

This is how Australians make sure their electricity meter doesn’t get read.

Spiders in Australia

These frogs were too lazy to continue hopping, so they risked their lives and used the python as transportation.

Wildlife in Australia

When whales die, gas builds up inside of their stomachs as they decompose, which eventually leads to them exploding.

A whale exploding

Chili pepper or Slug? This brightly colored thing is the hot pink slug that is only found in an isolated forest on an extinct volcano in Australia.

Australian wildlife

The green tree frog is known for taking down larger prey, including the occasional snake.

Green tree frog

The people in this store seem so unbothered by this extra-long snake slithering into the clothing store. What’s happening in Australia?

Snakes in Australia - The land of nope

The soil must be very rich in Australia with earthworms like this one. Just think of how many fish you could catch with a worm this size.

Earthworms in Australia

The anemone delivers a painful sting if you touch it like a jellyfish. It is not sure how this one washed up on shore because they are usually attached to coral reefs.

The land of nope

This is not something you see every day unless you live in Australia. The crocodile found a young bull shark to eat for a snack.

Crocodile vs Shark

If you can learn anything from this picture, it would be to always check the inside of your shoes before you put them on.

Snake in shoes

What? A snake in a lunchbox? Well, this is Australia. The land of nope! By the way, that little snake is very deadly.

Deadly snakes

These pieces of hail are larger than billiard balls. Those things can seriously injure or kill a person if they are hit in the head.

Hailing in Australia

In Australia, always check the toilet before you sit down because there might be a snake sleeping in there.

A snake in a toilet seat

Besides giant spiders and venomous snakes, Australia is also known for the blue-ringed octopus that are extremely venomous.

Venomous octopus

Although these stick bugs are not dangerous, they are pretty creepy to come face to face with.

Bugs in Australia

This is only a site you would see in the land down under. The snake must be thinking that he caught Dracula, just look at that hand!

Snake vs Bat

Apparently, the flies in Australia are much worse than the spiders. These irritating bugs will not leave you alone.

The land of nope


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