Some Weird History Facts That Sound Fake But Aren’t

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Some Weird History Facts That Sound Fake But Aren’t

There’s a lot of mysterious and unusual in this world that is happening and that previously happened. If we explore a little bit, there are many interesting facts about the world. Not only that there are many humans with superpowers, but there are also many animals that changed the history of the world. And now, we made a list of some weird history facts that sounds like a joke or fake but actually aren’t.

Weird History Facts

These are the weird facts from history that they don’t teach you in your schools. So buckle up and learn what has happened in this world that you still don’t know.

The use of forks was deemed blasphemous

The use of forks was deemed blasphemous in ancient times

The extensively used dining tool was once regarded as offensive to God when it was first founded in Italy in the 11th century. Before that, people used to eat with their fingers. The number of fingers used for eating separated the upper class from the lower class. Three fingers were supposed to be good manners. The oldest forks were found in Turkey, dating back to the fourth millennium B.C., but it was possible that they were only used as tools. The Church in Italy claimed that God had designed humans with fingers so that they could eat God’s food, but this didn’t prevent the making of fancy forks made of gold for rich families.

President Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot

President Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot - Weird History Facts

During President Andrew Jackson’s funeral in 1845, his pet parrot started to speak vulgarities and had to be taken away. The parrot became distracted while the crowd was gathering and started to swear, disturbing the mourning people. The bird was immediately carried out as people were both in fear and shocked at the words. 

Pope Gregory IX declared war on cats

Pope Gregory IX declared and cats

In the 13th century, the pope thought that cats carried the spirit of Satan within them which started the assumption that black cats signify bad luck. In response, the Catholic Church and all of its supporters started the extermination of cats. Some historians even considered that this genocide of cats caused the plague because of the excess of rodents carrying the disease and the absence of their natural predator. The massacres ended for the most part after the death of Pope Gregory IX.

Mary Shelley kept the heart of her dead husband

Mary Shelley kept the heart of her dead husband

Possibly the author meant for this to be some kind of metaphor, but a truly foul metaphor if that. Everyone mourns in his own way. When Mary Shelley’s husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, was 29 years old he drowned while out on his boat during a storm. While his remains were buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, Mary retained her husband’s heart wrapped up and took it with her almost everywhere. When she died, the heart was found in her desk wrapped in one of his final poems, Adonais.

Urine was used as a mouthwash by ancient Romans

Urine used as mouthwash by Romans - Weird History Facts

Human urine was so important to ancient Romans that it was collected from public urinals and even taxed when sold. Urine was used for various applications, but most surprising and weirdly, it was used for dental hygiene. Romans used the urine to cleanse and whiten their teeth. The powerful ingredient being ammonia, which is a proven stain remover.

Peter the Great kept the head of his wife’s lover in her bedroom

Peter the Great beheaded wife's lover

Once Peter the Great found his wife Catherine’s unfaithfulness to their marriage with William Mons, the king had the man beheaded. He asked that the head of William be stored in a jar with alcohol. It was ordered that the jar remains in Catherine’s bedroom until Peter’s death so that she could be continually recalled of her affair.

President Lyndon B. Johnson conducted White House meetings on the toilet

President Lyndon B. Johnson conducted White House meetings on the toilet

The former president actually had a telephone fixed in the bathroom so he could answer calls while using the restroom. He attended meetings with aides while sitting on the toilet because of his emphasis on keeping the discussion going. While the president deemed his unique techniques productive, many of his aides struggled to catch him speak due to running water.

Albert Einstein was offered the position as president of Israel

Albert Einstein was offered the position as president of Israel

When Israel’s first president Chaim Weizmann died in 1952, Albert Einstein was offered the position by Ambassador Abba Eban. The proposal was upon the request of the Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Einstein would have had to move to Israel and accept Israel as his nationality but would be unrestricted to continue his scientific attempts. He responded that due to his incompetence working with people, he isn’t fitted to meet a position in a high office.


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