The Funniest Life Realizations in Infographics

YupLife Staff

You often feel like society is just one big joke. Could you just make fun of it all day long if you had the time? A Danish writer Mikael Wulff, who cooperated with cartoon artist “Anders Morgenthaler” to generate the funniest life realizations in infographics ever. In their book, “Truth Facts: The Truthiest Truths and Factiest Facts of Everyday Life,” Wulff and Morgenthaler made fun of our daily life reality using diagrams, tables, and idiotic criticism. In the end, you’ll be giggling at yourself and all of your and society’s various shortfalls. Here is a list of some of the Hilarious we’ve seen in the book.

The Funniest Life Realizations in Infographics

Our society is so masochistic

Fruits of our loins

Tell how many drinks a woman has

The value you place on your birthday

The blunt truth of how most diets work

What your dad wants for Father’s Day?

How your favorite chips get you to think you’re getting more for your bucks

Society has their priorities totally straight

You can park your child in front of a soft drink

Everyone suffering from a fear of clowns

Videos and music says a lot about you

You can tell if you’re in the presence of a psychopath

The battery life on things you need tap out fast

Reason most folks mow the lawn

Following things are brain teasers

When it comes to putting shelves up

If you own brass knuckles

People would prefer living in a rural area or countryside

The reason most New Year Resolutions don’t work

The question will always be the same.


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