The Simpsons Predict the Attack on the US Capitol: What’s More to Come?

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The Simpsons Predict the Attack on the US Capitol: What’s More to Come?

Simpson predicted many catastrophic events. Some fans of this sitcom series believed the show was portraying the die-hard supporters of Donald Trump, who attacked the US Chapter with weapons in 1996. Donald Trump’s followers heavily attacked the US Capitol and tried to take the control of the cabinet. This incident is deemed as one of the darkest incidents in American history. Here is everything you need to know about the Simpsons predict the attack on US Capitol.

Simpsons Predict the Attack on the US Capitol

Four people, including a woman, were killed in conflicts in the Capitol building, in the scenes described as “closest to the coup attempt, the country has seen it so far.”

The National Guard had to be called to restore order and an improvised explosive device (IED) was found in the US Capitol. President-elect Joe Biden described the horrific scenes as “resurrection.”

US Capitol Attacks

Some people believe that the Simpsons reinvented the alarming scenes from a 1996 episode.

The show’s writers have made incredibly accurate predictions over the years, but the worst could happen to Biden, who will take office on January 20th.

The Simpson Show

In the episode The Day the Violence Died, the Simpson kids’ favorite cartoon is replaced by another show which depicts violence, guns, and even a bomb on the steps of the US Capitol.

Simpsons Predict the Attack on the US Capitol

Some representations surprisingly resemble real people who attacked the building. One mustached character wearing a cowboy hat holds a handgun, while another in a deerstalker hat brings a rifle over his shoulder.

USA riots

There was an even more disastrous depiction of Capitol building violence in the 1999 episode Beyond Dlunderdome, where Homer and Mel Gibson directed a new version of the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Attack on the US Capitol

Mel Gibson’s characters start shooting fellow congressmen before blowing up the building in frightful scenes that somehow did not happen in real life.

US Capitol building

Creator Matt Groening and his team even foretold the accurate details of the global coronavirus outbreak when a deadly virus came to Springfield, Asia, 27 years ago.

Some people have denied that the people who work at The Simpsons could see the future. One writer said it was mostly coincidental because the episodes are so old that history repeats itself.

Simpsons Predict the Attack on the US Capitol

Nevertheless, this did not stop viewers from worrying that some of the other disturbing predictions they had made might not yet be accurate.

While 2020 is a year to forget, we hope that Simpson’s prediction for 2021 will not come true, as it could literally be the year of Hell.


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