These Companies with Kids CEO are Inspiring Thousands

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Companies with Kids CEO

More often, you don’t have to wait to be a graduate to run a successful company. Though education is very essential for every walk of life, these companies with kids CEO will completely change your perspective and blow your mind that how efficiently they are running their businesses and pursuing their education too.

Companies with Kids CEO

Lily, Chloe, and Sophie Warren, Sweet Bee Sisters

These three sisters formed their beeswax skin-care product company nine years ago when they realized that they could make exceptional lip balm from their family’s beehives. Would you believe at the time, they were just eight, six, and four years old? The Sweet Bee Sisters product line has extended to include lotions, sugar scrubs, and even subscription boxes and make-your-own balm kits.

The Sweet Bee Sisters

Megan Grassell, Yellowberry

17-year-old Megan Grassell was bored of only having low-cut, “sexy” bra choices for her and her younger sisters. So she decided to create launch Yellowberry, a series of cool, comfy bras that look tween and teen fitting. Since the company was launched in 2014, she progressed on to add t-shirts, camisoles, and loungewear, all emphasizing life-positive melodies like “Seek and find a hug when you need one to her stock range.

Companies with kids CEO

Benjamin “Kickz” Kapelushnik, Sneaker Don

Benjamin was only 15 when he chose to transform his passion for sneakers into a business, dealing in hard-to-get, limited-edition kicks. He inaugurated by paying friends to stand in line when new shoes were released but now has associations with dealers to assist him to get the most much-demanded shoes in bulk for Sneaker Don. He currently adds star sportsmen and artists, including DJ Khaled and P. Diddy, among his customers.

Companies with kids CEO
DJ Khaled with Benjamin, The Sneaker Don

Asia Newson, Super Business Girl

Asia Newson started her candle-making industry at just five years old and that’s not all of it. Since then, she’s developed her idea to allow “Super Business Girl” merchandise and workshops to help motivate and inspire junior high and high school wannabe entrepreneurs.

Asia Newson, Super Business Girl
Asia Newson with Ellen

Mihir Garimella, Firefly

This 18-year-old boy from Stanford freshman has many projects already under his belt, including designing a homework app to substitute paper planners and working on technology to diagnose concussions on the sidelines of a soccer game. But his newest work, Firefly Autonomy, includes building autonomous drones that can go into critical or challenging locations, from examining equipment to carrying search-and-rescue missions during fires or other emergencies.

Mihir Garimella, the CEO of Firefly

Ryan Kelly, Ry’s Ruffery

Teenager Ryan Kelly brought his fresh-baked, healthy dog treats to ABC’s entrepreneurial show Shark Tank, where he won over investor Barbara Corcoran. Ry’s Ruffery offers three separate flavors of doggie treats and these include cheddar, apple-pumpkin, and peanut butter and donate a part of their profits to animal rescue organizations.

Ryan Kelly

Mikaila Ulmer, Me and the Bees

One of the most popular kid CEOs is Me and The Bees Mikaila Ulmer, who was just four years old when she became overwhelmed by bees and was gifted with her great-grandmother’s recipe for flaxseed lemonade. After getting her start marketing her lemonade at youth entrepreneurial events, you can now find her honey-sweetened BeeSweet lemonade in Whole Foods. A part of the profits from her lemonade business goes to environmental societies.

Companies with Kids CEO

Alina Morse, Zollipops

7-year-old Alina was getting sick of having to turn down lollipops at the bank and other places because the candy wasn’t healthy for her teeth. She and her dad worked on a recipe for a lollipop that’s sugar-free and can actually assist decrease the volume of acid in your mouth after a meal to decrease the risks of tooth decay. And that’s how Zollipops was created. The business has grown to create Zolli Drops hard candies and Zaffi Taffy for a chewier treat.

Alina Morse The Zollipops CEO

Rachel Zietz, Gladiator Lacrosse

Lacrosse player Rachel Zietz was just 13 when she was trying to get the right gear to up her game but unluckily, she was dissatisfied with the quality of what was available there. Rachel got associated with designing the products for her e-commerce site, Gladiator Lacrosse, to help guarantee that they were high quality, comfortable to use, and stood up to the elements.

Rachel Zietz, Gladiator Lacrosse

Brandon and Sebastian Martinez, Are You Kidding

This duo of bros designs some comely stylish socks for their company, Are You Kidding. They add joy, colorful designs for kids and adults, but their Charity group, which designs specific socks for different charities like Special Olympics, Autism Awareness, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, maybe their most well-known and significant designs.

Companies with kids CEO

Moziah “Mo” Bridges, Mo’s Bows

Mo Bridges was not fascinated by the bowtie choices he had for a specific event, so he started working with his grandmother to design his own and ultimately, Mo’s Bows got its start. His firm, which was featured on Shark Tank, now has traded with companies like the NBA. The Memphis-based company’s bow ties are all handmade in Tennessee.

Mo Bridges CEO of Mo's Bows


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