This Cat Stole a Stuffed Tiger from the Neighbor is the Cutest Thing Ever!

YupLife Staff

Cats are really a mesmerizing creature on this planet and you just can’t predict them. Someday, they play with you like a friend and the next day, forget it! The same thing happened when this cat stole a stuffed tiger from the neighbor and is gone viral on the internet.

It is literally an “Awww” moment ever! The cat named Timi did it twice, but in the first try, he couldn’t get the toy over the door. He did it again as the toy was too big for him. On the second try, he did it.

This Cat Stole a Stuffed Tiger

Look how happy was he when he succeeds in the second attempt. He rushed to the woods in front of his house and started playing with his ‘prey’ of the day! Well, we don’t know if the tiger could talk but apparently, the cat found a sibling in the elegant toy!


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