Trump Honors Pakistani-American Girl for Contributions in COVID-19

YupLife Staff
Trump Honors Pakistani-American Girl for Contributions in COVID-19

US President Donald Trump has recognized the contributions of a 10-year-old Pakistani-American girl named Laila Khan during a ceremony organized to honor ‘coronavirus heroes’ at The White House on Friday.

Trump Honors Pakistani-American Girl

According to the US Embassy in Islamabad, Laila and her fellow scout participants contributed about 100 boxes of cookies among front-line workers including medical staffers and firefighters in Maryland. They also wrote 200 personalized cards for health care officials.

“While we are honored that our troop was invited to be here today, we know that we are just part of the millions of other children out there that are doing amazing things to support their communities, their friends and their families,” Laila said during the ceremony.

Trump Honors Pakistani-American Girl

She added: “It is a privilege to be here representing all of them.”

Besides Laila, President Trump and first lady Melania Trump on Friday had paid tribute to unsung heroes who are fighting on the front lines during the pandemic outbreak.


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