Visit This $2.25 Million Underground House in Texas

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Visit This $2.25 Million Underground House in Texas

There are many human wonders in this world. As previously, we told you about a retired engineer who turned an airplane into a house. Now another unusual and colorful house in Buffalo, Texas has grabbed the attention of netizens. The structure is completely underground and has 3k square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 3 additional rooms. If you want to see some lavishness, check out this $2.25 million underground house in Texas.

Underground House in Texas

To start with, the estate has no natural light, though, the furnishings are very radiant and it indeed looks like a very homey place to live in. Due to the global pandemic, it would make for an excellent spot to hide in until 2021.

Underground House in Texas

Listed for $2.25 million, the property consists of a set of five interconnected dome homes covered with dirt. It covers in at 3,000 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

$2.25 million underground house

It was built in 1999, and its landlord, Glenn Young, craved both solitude and to prove a point to the communities at Monolithic Domes. He revealed that the Monolithic Institute recommended against setting dome homes underground.

Underground house

Coming up next, finding the door to enter the underground den is the difficult part. You enter through a front door that comes off of the pond, which looks like a hobbit hole.

$2.25 Million Underground House in Texas

It’s a normal-size door, but the rest of the home makes it look minimized, so it just seems like a hobbit-hole entrance. There’s a metal gate, and that goes into the hole, which goes down to the house. Ultimately, you reach a dock and the front door to the house.

Home ideas

As for that paint: Three innovative artists have shown their skills to create the magnificent wall and ceiling decoration in the house. Most of the rooms have a theme, with clouds on the ceilings and decorated representations.

Artistic home ideas

There’s a room that has an Acapulco beach theme, an Egyptian room, a spacious room, a Mayan room, and an ocean room. The bathroom looks like some sort of ancient temple.

Underground home in Texas

Other areas in the home include a meditation room, a panic room, an office, kitchen, dining area, and a lot of living space.

Underground House in Texas

It’s not just the underground home that you’d be purchasing after spending $2.25. The property comprises of some above-ground structures on the almost 40 acres of land as well, including a garage and a workshop. There’s a pond with a deck, too.

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This $2.25 Million Underground Home

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Surprising enough, even though the house is underground, it’s not very claustrophobic: the rooms have domed ceilings that reach 25 feet (that’s just over 7.6 meters). Another good trait is that the home is completely self-sustaining. It uses water from a well on the estate, has its own water and septic system, and even has a generator that is efficient to power the home for 2 consecutive weeks.

Underground House in Texas


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