Why You Should Not Share Your Goals: Wellness

YupLife Staff

Either it is about losing some weight or getting admission at your favorite university.  Everyone has been setting goals since childhood. Surprisingly, the habit of setting goals could notify us a lot about a person, character qualities, working method, and liability. There are many reasons why you should not share your goals.

Apparently, there are two sorts of people in the world. The first kind, those who set goals and tell everyone about them. The second one who set goals and work hard in silence. Which one are you?

Rarely, the best path to continue as your goal might grow or your preferences might vary with time. There could also be some unexpected situations that might stop the achievement of goals.

Why You Should Not Share Your Goals

Early Appreciation Feels You Already Win

When someone sees your identity goal, social attention is a reward that may cause you to decrease your efforts. So if your goal is firmly tied to your identity, it might be useful to keep it to yourself. This way, early appreciation won’t deceive you into feeling like you’ve already accomplished your goal.

Rely on yourself

When you’re telling someone about your next plan, they might not always wish the best for you. There’s a lot of controversy and envy these days. Your goals could be surprising for them and might even show them a mirror highlighting their inability and defects.

Getting negative feedback

When positive feedback indicates a dedication to a goal, it improves motivation. On the other hand, getting negative will destroy all of your enthusiasm and will demoralize you. Especially, if you are a beginner, you are more likely to stick to an aim when you get positive feedback.

Save Your Energy – Why you should not share your goals

Sometimes, sharing your goals need a lot of time and explanation. From making them understand your goal and explaining why you’d like to achieve it. Don’t waste your spirit on convincing others. You might have heard, “Stay low and fight hard in quiet and let your success make all the noise.”


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