A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl after They See Her Silver Eyes

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A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl after They See Her Silver Eyes

It is a harsh reality of our society that there are a large number of children in the world who are desperate to find a family and a home. Just in the United States alone, it is estimated that 100 thousand kids are waiting to be adopted and over 600 thousand stuck in the care homes. Luckily, we have some kind people who open their homes to kids in need. This heartwarming story will melt your heart because a couple adopts a Chinese girl.

A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl

A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl

In the year 2015, Eryn Austin was scrolling through her Facebook when she saw a post uploaded by an adoption advocacy group page that she was a member of. Eryn promptly noticed one thing that stood out on the little girl. And it would be the one thing that made the couple realizes that they needed to expand their family.

A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl

Eryn and her husband were already the proud parents of two lovely kids, but that post made them open to adopting more kids. You can see, the little girl in the photo was from China, but that wasn’t the most noticeable thing about her. It was the little girl’s eyes that got the attention of Eryn and Chris. This little girl is very unique, and anyone that sees her could instantly tell. Eryn wrote on Blind New World:

Chinese Girl with blues eyes

Chinese girl with silver eyes adopted

“The photo showed her as an infant, her eyes the most piercing silver/blue–and the description included her diagnosis, blindness from congenital glaucoma.”

Where most people would run from a kid who was a little strange, Eryn and Chris took the chance.

“When I saw the picture on Facebook, I don’t understand why I don’t have any explanation. But when I look at her eyes, I see everything about her that brought us together,” Eryn said in a YouTube video by Special Books by Special Kids.

The Chinese Girl with Silver Eyes

In January of 2016, the couple adopted the little Chinese girl with silver eyes, who they named Primrose.

Primrose - the chinese girl

“When it comes to adoption there’s something that pulls on the heartstrings that are really difficult to describe. Some people can describe it spiritually and say that God is telling them that this is their daughter or their son. And some people just have this gut feeling that they’re theirs,” said Chris.

chinese girl with blues eyes

The family is much happy with their determination to adopt Primrose, but they do get a lot of questions. And more often than not, people say sorry for Primrose’s condition. But Chris always responds with:

A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl

“There’s nothing scary about blindness, there’s nothing to apologize about.”

People also took it so far as to ask the couple why they would adopt Primrose in the first place.

A Couple Adopts Chinese Girl

“Why wouldn’t we?” Chris would ask. “She is brilliant, even with her developmental delays, even with a genetic puzzle we are still piecing together,” Eryn wrote.

Despite her disabilities, Chris and Eryn couldn’t be more pleased with their choice.

“She is everything anyone could ever want in a child. Loving, affectionate, unique, intelligent, joyful, and our family simply would be incomplete without her,” Eryn says.

Thanks to this generous couple, Primrose can have a family that will cherish her completely. This simply goes to prove that everyone deserves love and affection, and there’s always someone ready to give it.


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