A School in Spain Teaches Boys Household Chores

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A School in Spain Teaches Boys Household Chores

It is a great habit to do your chores yourself and be self-sufficient. It is great to do your fair share of housework and should know how to perform basic life tasks. Though, in many parts of the world, household tasks are still seen as something that only women do, leaving some men reluctant or even incapable to do them when needed. To counter this, a Spanish school teaches boys household chores to make them self-sufficient.

School Teaches Boys Household Chores

A school in Vigo, Spain, called Colegio Montecastelo, is struggling for gender equality with a campaign that educates boys and young men fundamental life crafts, including sweeping, cooking, and even sewing. There’s never been a better time to learn Home Economics.

Spanish school teaches boys household tasks

As a reaction, some people considered this initiative was spot-on. Meanwhile, others believed that it actually supported gender roles because it designated several activities as ‘manly’ or ‘womanly’ rather than seeing them as globally helpful skills. Still, others believed that these skills should be taught at home, not at school.

School Teaches Boys Household Chores

The male students at this Spanish school are taking part in Home Economics lessons. They learn fundamental life arts: from ironing to cooking and more.

Boys learning daily life tasks

The purpose of the campaign is to struggle for gender equality and to make boys more self-supporting and capable to help out at home including arranging flowers.

School Teaches Boys Household Chores

The idea was conceived when the school board was looking for means that they could support gender equality standards for their students. The plan was then transferred to parents and students. The parents being the ones who didn’t have any hesitations about accepting the idea, while the students were upset when they heard about sewing and ironing.

A Spanish school teaches boys daily life chores

Though at the time they started to perform the tasks, their hesitance disappeared, because they realized that these are easy chores that both men and women can do if they simply follow easy steps.

Boys learn household tasks

School Teaches Boys Household Chores

School teaches boys basic life skills


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