Double Trouble: Top Tips for Being Out and About With Twins

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Double Trouble: Top Tips for Being Out and About With Twins

Getting out of the house with just one baby can already feel overwhelming — but what about going out with two? Help may not be available all the time, so it’s important for parents of twins to learn to do it on their own. Even if it seems impossible at first, it‘s just a reality you have to get used to. So with that in mind, here’s how you can survive outside the house alone with your twins.

Stick to places you’ve been to

Top Tips for Being Out and About With Twins

Your time outside with twins may not be the best time to visit new places. So just stick to the usual places you go to, like the nearby mall, shops, or park. You should be avoiding getting caught up in unfamiliar situations that might be harder to deal with, especially with two small kids. As a result, you chances of getting lost are slim to none, and you won’t need to adjust too much to the environment you’re in. This way, you can focus more on taking care of your twins while you’re out.

Come prepared

Parenting tips

Timing and preparation are keys to having a good day out with your twins. Lisa Anderson previously shared here how valuable consistency can be when raising little ones, and this applies to your days out, too. When planning to head out, it may be best to do it after their feeding and nap time, so they won’t get cranky. Don’t forget your nappy bag, fully loaded with extra clothes, nappies, snacks, and everything else that fits in it. It’s recommended to get a good nappy bag, like this JuJuBe diaper backpack. It’s especially made for twins as you can put so much stuff in there.

Don’t forget toys and pacifiers

toys and pacifiers

Always bring emergency entertainment to help settle them down. Their favourite blanket or stuffed animal might just be your next best friend. Fatherly notes how pacifiers can be a godsend — letting your twins self-soothe while out and about. These definitely help in preventing the tantrums and restlessness, so toys and pacifiers are a must when you’re heading out with your twins.

Use a tandem pushchair

Use a tandem pushchair

It’s hard enough to carry one child, let alone carrying two. Many parents swear by getting a sturdy pushchair that can fit two children comfortably, and the collection of tandem pushchairs on iCandy highlights how twins can sit one in front of the other. This lets you manoeuvre the pram more easily compared to pushchairs that let your babies sit side by side, because you can fit into tighter spaces like single pavements or down narrow hallways. They’re also pretty easy to convert from a double to a single pushchair for when you’re only taking one baby out, or when your next child comes along. Because it’s something you’ll use frequently, it’s best not to skimp on a double pushchair so look for one with a sturdy build and comfortable padding.

At the end of the day, the pushchair should make your kids feel comfortable, which means peace and quiet for you. You can even use it as a shopping cart or storage area for small items and bags you want to hang while you’re pushing it around.

Pick up one fussy baby at a time

Pick up one fussy baby at a time

Both babies crying at the same time is everyone’s worse nightmare. But this shouldn’t stop you from getting out of the house with your children. The simplest thing to do is park your pushchair and pick up one baby at a time. Usually, only one will get fussy while the other remains quiet. But when both of them do cry, stay calm and pick up one baby at a time. Just focus on one child at a time, and don’t worry about the external variables around you.

Being alone with twins at home is hard, and even more so when you’re going out. But you will only stop wondering whether you can do it or not once you try. So what are you waiting for?


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