A Teen Didn’t Have a Date for Prom so Her Grandfather Volunteered

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A Teen Didn’t Have a Date for Prom so Her Grandfather Volunteered

Prom is one of the most remarkable experiences a high school teen will have in their lives, but no one ever said you had to bring a date. Though, most pupils expect their companions to walk through the door with a notable other like a king with her queen. But in this love story, a teen didn’t have a date so her sweet grandpa stepped up.

A Teen Didn’t Have a Date

The 17-year-old Kaylah Bell was all ready to show off her gorgeous dress and pink and purple cape at the ball. But sadly, she had no one who could be her prom partner. So rather she went stag with her colleagues. But she had no idea that her grandpa was thereby to become the prom king of her heart.

A Teen Didn’t Have a Date

Unluckily, the 17-year-old high school junior from Lancaster, California, didn’t have a partner to go to the prom with. This was the equivalent of the end of the world for some sensitive teens, but Kaylah had some great colleagues she desired to go to prom with.

Kaylah met with her besties before the prom to get all gussied up so they could take photos together. Then, her grandpa, Alvin Hackett, gave her the most unexpected surprise of her young life. He stepped out in a color-coordinated suit that perfectly matched her prom dress. But she had no clue why he had done this.

Kaylah Bell with grandfather Alvin Hackett

Alvin wished his granddaughter’s prom photos to be picture-perfect, but she didn’t have a date. So, the charming grandfather came up with a unique idea and walked in. He also got Kaylah a rose corsage as well as a matching boutonniere for himself. Kaylah was speechless but much pleased.

Kaylah bell dated with her grandfather to prom

She couldn’t understand that her grandad had done something so extraordinary and neither could her colleagues.

Everyone was clicking photos of the two of them, which surely made Alvin feel like a superstar.

A Teen Didn’t Have a Date

“My friends thought it was so cute, because they knew how hard it was for me to find a date, and they know how much I love my grandpa,” she said.

Kaylah was tickled pink that her grandpa had made this for her and she had to share it on Twitter. She posted her prom pictures and attached the caption: “My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom so he matched me!” In less than no time, the post got thousands of likes, comments, and retweets. It wasn’t much of a wonder that the picture went viral and everyone showered Alvin with regards.

A teen age go with her grandpa to the prom

What he had done had surely won him the title of best grandpa ever. Unluckily, there was an age limit at the prom, so he wasn’t qualified to walk through the doors side by side with Kaylah. But he had made her prom memorable before it even began.

Kaylah acknowledges that Alvin won’t be around forever, but this cherished memory he conceived would last forever.

A teen did not have a date for prom

“My papa matching was truly a blessing to me, it makes me emotional to think about it because we are super close,” Kaylah added. If Kayla had been given the option of going to the prom with a date or experiencing this with her grandpa, we’re certain she would have still taken Alvin every time.

A teen and a grandfather go to the prom


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