A Vegetarian Lion Goes Viral After Eating Grass

YupLife Staff

A video of wildlife in Gujarat, India causes a huge discussion on Twitter when a vegetarian lion goes viral after eating grass. This might sound weird to some of the readers but wildlife enthusiasts will not be shocked. Lions love to eat meat ad drink blood but often eat grass due to a reason. In case you didn’t know about this, carry on reading.

A lion is seen munching on to bushes and herbs on the meadow in the forest. A part of the netizens is much entertained after watching it and passed funny comments about it on Twitter. “Veg lion,” a user said while another added, “That poor guy was told to diet by his wife.”

A Vegetarian Lion Goes Viral

Many of the users tried to describe the reason behind the lion eating grass and said that the beast often does so to clean its intestines. “They consume grass and then barf it to purify intestine,” a user said. “All the classes of cats eat grass as a natural remedy. Adds fiber and bulk to their diet, helping them to pass worms and fur, bones, feather, etc, as they eat both edible and inedible parts of prey,” another tweet stated.

That’s true because experts say so. The raw meat that lions eat has an acidic impact and cause discomfort in digestion. The grass serves to refine their digestion system.


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