Best Wine Glasses for Every Home

YupLife Staff

Though a 99-cent glass from IKEA will do the trick, there’s nothing crazy with wanting to purify your wine time. And no, you don’t need a set of glasses made especially for enjoying different varietals. Whether you’re set to invest in high-end stemless ware, or you just want a decent vessel on hand for your weekly, nightly, pour, sommeliers and beverage executives alike say these are the best wine glasses for every home money can buy. So its wine o’clock somewhere!

Here are some best wine glasses for every home

Stemless Glasses

For those who like stemless wine glasses, this is the brand to choose. Made from shatterproof high-quality glass, these are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand and hold up to 15 ounces of wine. The shape ensures that the taste of the wine retains its full flavor.

Ouverture Red Wine Glasses

Regardless of what you’re drinking, this thin glass is the perfect blend of form, function, durability, and value. And the best part is, it’s dishwasher-safe, says Dominick Purnomo.

Flexible Shatterproof Glass

Perfect for outdoor drinking, “these are well-designed, portable glasses that won’t break the bank or… break,” says Shelley Lindgren.

Crystal Red Wine Glass

There is only one wine glass I would recommend, and that is Andrea Robinson’s ‘The One.’ Andrea is a master sommelier and knows how wine should taste. She designed this glass for optimum smell and taste,” says Kevin Zraly.

Denk’ Art Universal Glass

Handmade, light as a feather, and stunningly elegant, they make everyday wines taste more special and indulgent wines display their full potential. With their near weightlessness, Zaltos are far and away the best glass I have found to make a wine’s texture shine. While the price tag might not make them an everyday wine glass, they are perfect for a special occasion or splurge bottle,” says Jen Fields.

Vivant Chardonnay Tumbler

I pretty much drink everything out of these—including beer and juice. They’re simple, yet classic, and extremely durable,” says Danielle Ayer, co-owner, general manager, and wine director of Talulla.


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