Decision Making: Heart vs Mind

YupLife Staff

“Follow your Heart” have been a common phrase for centuries. And with some reasons, we believe that heart’s intuition often leads to greater outcome. But to some people Mind is the activity of thinking using logics and reasons. Mind makes the decisions after examining all the facts and figures about a situation or an event. This evergreen war in decision making, Heart vs Mind sometimes leads us to a great trouble.

Here are some of the clarifications that will enable you to make your decision little easy with your stubborn Heart or the logical mind?

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” said Blaise Pascal.

Your heart is where your intuition lies Heart takes the ‘subjective’ data regarding beings in order to make sense of them. The heart usually speaks to us silently and with common-sense.

Connection between heart and brain restored

Now the head is where the logics, analysis and thoughts reside.

The mind actually reviews the logics and makes the pros and cons list. Mind actually manipulates the data coming from the heart. As Marcus Aurelius said, “You have power over your mind not outside events.  Realize this in true sense, and you will find strength.”

You often faced a situation with having to make a choice that seemed to send your mind into an endless thinking marathon? Or maybe you felt completely paralyzed inside. Or you were tingling on heart beating too fast about any situation or event. This is because your mind can easily confuse the intuitions of heart.

In some cases, listening blindly to your heart especially if you’re under any kind of pressure is likely to hurt you or lead to devastating outcomes. Take time to weigh all the factors to make any final decisions.  It is okay to follow your heart, but it’s not as safe in some cases when you are feeling extremely happy or sad because those emotions can blur your judgment and influence your decision.

When it comes to your head, it is comprised of knowledge, facts.

But there is always a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is like data, raw and undebated. Wisdom is about knowing what to do with that knowledge. It’s a rare blend of emotion and logic.

Decision making: Heart vs Mind

Here are three important questions to ask yourself when you are going through the decision making process:

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How do you want to feel when you have it?

Meanwhile there are a large number of people who favors the decisions made by heart. According to them, when you are in your heart, you can hear your own inner voice. You will see much more clear form of the picture. Your heart will always direct you into the right direction and show you the way.

Brain and heart balancing on swing.

We are living in the time, where the world is changing rapidly. A good combo of Heart and Mind will lead you to best decision with more inner satisfaction. Too much rely on heart is not always a good choice. Developing the mind-heart partnership combines our best decision-making asset and we can view our choices with more clarity and satisfaction.


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