Dog Fakes Broken Legs to Get Food and Pamper

YupLife Staff

A clever dog fakes broken legs in the streets of Bangkok was caught on camera to get free food from tourists. In the video, the best actor can be seen dragging his back legs on the road to get attention and free food.

The amber-colored dog’s plan goes well that one man on a motorbike stopped to check on the perpetrating dog, nicknamed Gae by locals, but giggles when he gets his mind-blowing acting.

Dag Fakes Broken Legs

Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul a resident, who frequently plays with Gae, said she has had both of his back legs inspected and vets said there was nothing wrong with them. ‘If Gae had any kind of injury I would take him to the vets immediately.’

I and other residents take care of him, including serving him rice, “but he still has this habit,” said Chongplapolkul, who calls Gae “too funny.”


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