Foods That You Can Eat and Not Gain Weight

YupLife Staff

Several foods can meet hunger desires without packing on the pounds and yes it is possible. The answer is to indulge in a meal that has a high satiety value, which explains how filling the food is related to its calorie content. Many foods are just way better at both comforting hunger and controlling overeating than others. Here is a list of foods that you can eat and not gain weight. I’m sure the last one will surprise you!

Boiled Potatoes

Most of the people neglect potatoes because of their high carbohydrate content, but to be honest, it is not necessary. Potatoes are very nutritious as long as they aren’t grilled.

Researches show that cooking and then cooling potatoes raises the level of resistant starch. Heating and cooling them frequently further increase that level.

Whole Eggs

Eggs, and particularly egg yolks, have been unjustly described as heart attack causing cholesterol bombs. But in reality, they do carry a decent amount of cholesterol; researches have revealed that eating eggs does not increase harmful cholesterol levels.

Protein is much more filling than ordinary carbohydrates, so eating eggs in the morning can help you to get in shape and keep you active all day.


Apples are also considered as highly satiety index food because they carry a soluble fiber called pectin that improves metabolism. They also include a big volume of water up to 85% per lot that contributes to making you feel full but not a lot of calories.

Fish and Lean Meat

Protein-rich diets are more filling and comforting than carb-heavy ones. Hence, it’s safe to eat your meat. Leaner pieces are prescribed, as some meats are rich in saturated fat and won’t do you any courtesies. But fish, on the other hand, is low fat though high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which raises satiety as well as support a strong cardiovascular system.

Popcorn – Foods That You Can Eat and Not Gain Weight

Hellyeah! It’s snack time. When you get the desire for a salty feast, popcorn should be your first preference. It is a whole grain that’s rich in fiber but moderate in calories. There is also plenty of air in popcorn which serves to satisfy you up quicker than potato chips or saltines.


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