How to Deal With Burning Heatwave?

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In summer, heat waves can hit areas where cooler climates are the norm, but thanks to global warming, they are now more likely to occur. Unfortunately, most of the houses have not been designed to block sizzling heat. Everyone struggles to keep their houses and offices cool when the temperature rises suddenly. So now you must be eager to learn how to deal with burning heatwave?

How to deal with burning heatwave?

Sleeping pattern

One of the biggest parts of the problem is humidity, which makes it difficult for sweat to evaporate.

Try to maintain your bedroom as cool as possible by closing your blinds or curtains during the day for better sleep. Keep in mind that metallic blinds and dark curtains could make the room hotter.

Another option is opening windows on the shady and closing them on the sunny side of the home and then open all the windows before going to bed to get a through the breeze.

What to wear?

Dressing for the weather does make a huge impact, and clothes can make a true variation in how our bodies deal with the heat.

Dark colors in a heatwave may result in a higher risk of sunburn which can influence your body’s ability to cool itself.

The best option is to choose light colors over dark that can absorb heat more. Also, try loose clothes that can permit air to get in. Use hats when going outside.

Stuff like cotton and linen are more breathable, absorbing sweat and supporting ventilation.

Relation of heatwave and climate change

It is the first question asked when severe weather crises strike and the answer is still the same. It is nearly difficult to say that a particular situation, like the current hot season, is caused by global warming.

However, there are some cases when human-induced warming increases the probability of such a climate.

What to eat and drink?

Hydration is a survival key. Our bodies sweat more in hot weather, so it is really necessary to regain lost water levels.

One more important thing, don’t rely on your apparent thirst to estimate how dehydrated you are as it’s not an efficient indicator; you should drink plenty of water before you feel dried.

Avoid the consumption of too much alcohol. The National Health Service says good drink choices include water, lower-fat milk, tea and coffee.

Foods with high water levels such as strawberries, cucumber, lettuce, celery, and melon can also assist you to stay hydrated.

Also try to avoid large, heavy meals because they take more digesting, and ultimately produce more body heat.

Symptoms of heatstroke

Symptoms of heatstroke can involve tiredness or dizziness, having muscle pains or feeling sick. The more severe symptoms of heatstroke include agitation, disorientation and even a lack of consciousness.

Those experiencing the symptoms of heatstroke should visit cool places with air conditioning. Use plenty of fluids like fruit juice or rehydration drink.


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