Productivity Tips for Lazy People

YupLife Staff

In everyday life, little changes can often lead to more lasting results, but those may take time and self-discipline. It looks as easy to adopt changes as reading this productivity article. But it is not. Be kind to yourself and your shortcomings and accept the reality you can’t expect to be more productive overnight. Because you have spent years developing your habits and those won’t change immediately. So what are the productivity tips for lazy people?

Easy productivity tips for lazy people

Make a flexible to-do list

Don’t exaggerate yourself. To-do lists usually fail because we make them way too difficult or unsynchronized. You must know some tasks take a long time, while others won’t. This creates an unbalance in the way we distribute our time.

Take breaks

Lucky are those people who are home-based employees because they can enjoy breaks like taking care of kids or preparing meals. But in case you’re office-based, you should take little breaks in a while to refresh yourself. Go grab a coffee, have gossips or listen to some therapy music.

Keep things simple and realistic

This is one of the most influential keys. Try and stick to one or two tasks per day where possible, giving yourself a lot of preparation time will give you a sense of satisfaction. Try to define the key preferences for each day to one or two most urgent tasks.

Stop multitasking

We all know that multitasking makes us quick and more exhausted. It consumes brain energy and doesn’t provide enough time to focus because of sudden changes created by multitasking. Stopping multitasking doesn’t mean we aren’t being more productive, it simply means we are providing enough time to each task with full focus. The current workplace atmosphere won’t encourage you in your journey to be more focused.

Set targets

Setting targets doesn’t mean you have to bring in huge accomplishments every day, but it’s necessary to know what you want to accomplish that day so that when you do, you can give yourself a reward or a pleasant little pat on the back that provide you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Manage time for a walk or exercise

It is important to remember that taking a walk or exercising isn’t about getting in shape or losing weight that may consume your energy, and not that those are bad things. But a small walk and light exercise can assist you to be more productive because it improves your readiness, and improves your blood flow and cardiovascular health. Because of this, you’ll be less worried, more focused and more proficient in dealing with pressure.


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