Husband Transforms Scary Attic into Wife’s Dream Closet

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Husband Transforms Scary Attic into Wife’s Dream Closet

You might have noticed that in almost every horror movie ever made, attics are spooky, creepy places full of ghosts and devils. And some attics, if properly planned and designed, do look like this one in real life. In this story of art and creativity, one dedicated husband transforms attic into closet for his wife and himself. Looking for home ideas? Check this out.

Husband Transforms Attic into Closet

Rodolfo Cabrera came up with an idea to transform his creepy attic into a beautiful closet for his family. It took him about 3 weeks of hard work and 25,000-30,000 dollars to entirely renovate the attic. Was it worth it? Scroll down to see for yourselves.

Husband Transforms Attic into Closet

Rodolfo has been working in the home renovation industry for 15 years, so it’s no surprise that the attic renovation looks marvelous. Rodolfo is originally from Guatemala but now lives in Maryland. Four years ago, he established his very own firm, Remodeling & Design LLC. 

Home Ideas

Rodolfo Cabrera fully renovated his family home attic and converted it into a beautiful closet for himself and his wife. His scheme went viral when his daughter shared the photos online.

Husband Transforms Attic into Closet

Here’s what the undeveloped attic looked like before. It was very messy and pretty scary.

Attic Renovation Ideas

Here’s a midway snapshot of the refurbishing job.

Home Improvements

There you go! The finished closet!

Husband transforms creepy attic into beautiful closet

The stairs were the most difficult part of the plan. They drive all the way up to the afresh renovated attic. The furniture was brought in from the master bedroom.

Home improvement ideas

The attic even has a convenient corner for some leisure.

Home Renovation

Rodolfo rebuilt his attic with the help of his associates from his firm Remodeling & Design LLC which he established 4 years ago. The attic has sufficient space for the whole family’s outfits now.

A Man Transforms Attic into Closet

Rodolfo said that he was urged to build the dream cabinet when he understood that they both required some more extra space for their clothes. “One day, I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else,’” he said.

Home renovation ideas

But before any significant re-modelings could happen, the first step was cleaning up the attic because it was very messy. Rodolfo and his workers then got down to work. They did the framing, the electrical, hung up the drywall, did the plastering, and finished up the ceiling design with the LED lights.

Closet ideas

Then they fixed the shelves and transferred furniture from Rodolfo and his wife’s bedroom into the closet. Rodolfo realized that his creativity just took over.


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