Life is Not Always about Winning Everything

YupLife Staff

If you start realizing that life is not always about winning everything, the happier you will be. If you attempt to win every dispute you find yourself in the middle of the labyrinth, that is merely more time you are wasting on your ego, rather than using that time living. Because life is not about winning! Life is the precious gift of god.

Yes, it is true; life is not about winning everything, but determining how to roll with the blows. At some point, to need to grow up, you have to understand that not everything will always go according to your mood and that often you have to compensate. Life is about compromise. Many magnificent things that come to you come from compromise. Life is full of difficulties, in which you have to believe that you cannot force things to go your way.

When you start understanding that life is not about winning, many new doors will open up for you. New possibilities will embrace you. You will grow up and realize that you have been misusing your time and effort trying to win and not giving in. Because, at some point, if you want to move farther with your life you have to see that you must give in and negotiate at times.

Life isn’t a game

Life is not a game. Life is brutal, life is uncensored, and life is tricky. Things happen that you can’t manage. Real-life is about both the good and the bad. In real life you may end up with happily ever after, but not without trials along the way. If life were a game, we could jump right to the end where we fall in love or do whatever we imagine will make us satisfied.

Life is not always about winning

Everything we do in life is somehow a risk, a chance we take to see where it gets us. Waking up every single day is a chance you have to make a difference. Don’t waste your new day on the same old stupid things. Take a new start. Make a belief that life is not a game or it is not about winning or losing. You will start observing the true essence of life.


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