Meet Hammad Safi: The Youngest Motivational Speaker

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Hammad Safi

An 11-year-old, also the youngest motivational speaker Hammad Safi has become an overnight internet sensation. The young speaker also is known as “Nanha Professor” (Little Professor) with his exceptional confidence and enchanting words is motivating thousands.

Hammad Safi

The gracefully dressed motivational speaker is something more than an internet sensation as he always attracts the attention of the people through his appealing gestures and charming smile. Belong to the district of Momand, Pakistan; Safi is very intellectual who has surprised many people by his vision of seeing an Educated Pakistan. The pint-sized motivational mentor has his own YouTube channel with 641K subscribers.

Hammad Safi – The Motivational Speaker

Speaking of his quest of becoming an idol for thousands of kids and even adults, he addresses the significance of education, values, culture, language, and love for the country. In one of his interviews he said that “I began my mission when I was just eight and since then, I have been delivering speeches in schools, colleges, universities, and seminars inspiring people to live a meaningful life. I speak about how we transform our life by just having a ‘can-do attitude’ and not being scared of failures because I believe failure is the foundation of success.”

Youngets motivational speaker

Safi, who has delivered motivational and awareness lectures in more than a hundred universities of Pakistan, responded to one of the questions that he often faces from the audience is ‘why did you start so young or why don’t you enjoy your childhood like normal kids? And the reply will shock you. He responded:

“If you study the life of all successful personalities in history, you will realize they set the goals of their life at a very young age. To bring about a positive change in my people and my country, I had to start young.”

hammad safi, the motivational speaker

Safi was attending a school in Peshawar regularly and then he enrolled in a Super Kids program to improve his English and computer skills. Later on, he left his school to be a professional speaker at the University of Spoken English and Computer Sciences (USECS). Some teachers at USECS think Safi “is a good motivational speaker but he needs an intellectual base. They are positive that he can become what he wants, but it will take some time.

The motivational speaker
Safi at USECS

Real and Fake Heroes

According to his teachers, Safi sometimes studies 10 to 12 hours in a row. Posters of film and cartoon heroes or sportsmen are faraway, toys are few. Instead of these fake heroes, portraits of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Nobel prize winner Dr. Abdus Salam, Albert Einstein, and Bill gates are hanging on the walls of his room. Pointing to those portraits he says:

“Batman and Superman are fake heroes, but those are true.”  

Hammad safi - the motivational speaker
Safi with portraits on the wall

“Where’s the kid in him? He left because he thinks above his age,” worries his teachers.

Presenting a positive image of Pakistan, Safi addressed largely about the power that shaped his mind. “I was very young when my teachers gave me a book written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a notable poet popularly seen as having sparked the movement to create Pakistan. I think the youth needs to be introduced to this magnificent sophist and philosopher’s notion of a united and educated Pakistan, which is what I want to propagate.”

Safi with Prime Minister Imran Khan

Safi with Chinese Ambassador

Hassan Amir Shah, the Vice-Chancellor of the public university of Lahore, after observing the fame he is getting is worried that the attention must not drive him crazy as still, he is a kid.

“He still has a long journey ahead, many books to read. We will only be able to judge him in 20 years when he is an adult,” he said.


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