Top Mysterious Disappearances That No One Can Solve

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Top Mysterious Disappearances That No One Can Solve

This world is truly a mysterious place and there is always happening something unusual around us. Sometimes, there are conspiracy theories that ultimately come true and sometimes, there are some unusual facts about the world that no one knows. From these stories of mystery and curiosity, we have put up a list of top mysterious disappearances that cannot be solved even today.

Top Mysterious Disappearances

Although these top mysterious disappearances span times, places, age ranges, and events, there’s one common thing shared between them: a lack of conclusion. There are theories, thoughts, and inquiries, but never a conclusive explanation.

Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare - The Lost Colony

On August 18, 1587, Virginia Dare was born in Roanoke Colony, making her the first English kid born in the Americas. Her grandad was John White, who earlier that year had helped discovered Roanoke, but White never saw Virginia develop because, by the time he returned to Roanoke from an elongated journey to recover supplies, the whole colony had disappeared—not just the people, but every construction. No one knows what happened to Virginia or the rest of the Roanoke residents.

Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce - Top Mysterious Disappearances

The tales of American writer, Ambrose Bierce, were part of the motivation behind the first season of HBO’s True Detective. Bierce himself is the title of a real-life riddle that will probably never be explained. One day in 1913, when Bierce was in his 70s, he told his colleagues and family he was going to Mexico to participate in Pancho Villa’s revolution. After posting a few letters from Mexico, Bierce was never seen or heard from again. Some think he was killed in action, while others think that he may have committed suicide.

Barbara Newhall Follet

Barbara Newhall Follet

Concluding her first novel at age eight, Barbara Newhall Follett had written four books by the time she turned 18. But her bookish triumph came at a cost: She never had a childhood. By age 25, Follett had fallen into despair, and on the nightfall of December 7, 1939, she stepped out of her house after an argument with her husband, never to be seen or heard from again. Her body was never recovered.

Paula Jean Welden

Paula Jean Welden

Paula Jean Welden was a student at Bennington College on the day in December 1946 that she vanished without a trail after saying her roomie she was going on a long walk. At one point, Paula’s father was doubted in her disappearance; he was later released. Over the next 10 years, a local Bennington man boasted to friends that he knew where Paula’s body was buried, but he couldn’t lead police to the gravesite. Till now, no one knows what happened to Paula.

James Tetford

James Tetford

Surprisingly enough, Bennington was the place of many unsolved disappearances that took place in the 1940s, including that of the wife of James Tetford, whom Tetford said went to the store and never came back. Just a few years later, in 1949, Tetford himself disappeared without a trail. He was last seen on a crowded bus, resting in his seat. Yet when the bus arrived Bennington, Tetford had disappeared, all of his belongings left behind. He was never seen or heard from again.

The MV Joyita

The MV Joyita - Top Mysterious Disappearances

On October 3, 1955, the merchant boat, MV Joyita, left Samoa for the Tokelau Islands. A month later, she was seen floating in the South Pacific, 600 miles off her course. All her voyagers, crew, and shipload were gone. Some suppose the ship was the victim of piracy. Another speculation has it that the vessel was taking on water and the 25 people on board abandoned ship—early—and were lost.


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