Want to Volunteer Around the World? Consider These Places

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Want to Volunteer Around the World? Consider These Places

If you want to do something extraordinary and humanitarian while traveling the world, many countries in the world need your attention. So finally if you’re willing to give back to those who need it most while moving to a new country, culture, and way of life, volunteering around the world is indeed a great experience. If you’d like to step into someone else’s shoes and witness the harsh realities of life through someone else’s eyes, we have compiled a list of six places where you can go and volunteer to make the world a better place.

Volunteer Around the World

Are you eager to take on an exploit that will stay with your lifetime memory? Volunteer around the world at these places.

South Africa

South Africa - Volunteer Around the World

South Africa is playing home to one of Africa’s largest economies, but still, it faces many difficulties too. The country is also home to the world’s highest HIV/AIDS rate. So, whether you want to work with kids of the families hit by the deadly disease or educating others, there’s much to be done. Furthermore, you can also volunteer across healthcare, wildlife restoration, and much more.


Thailand tourism

You might have noticed that most of the people will return home from Thailand with a picture of them riding an elephant, but you can do something different and more promising. The dark fact behind the abuse of these noble giants is tragic. If you want to make a definite impression, spend your time working at one of the many unions organized to fight the abuse of Elephants. And to e honest, it’s so much more worthwhile.


Peru - Volunteer Around the World

The next one on our list is Peru. It is home to several notable social change volunteer programs. From community development to healthcare and education, there are several areas you can get engaged in as you change the lives of locals and immersive yourself in their appealing culture. If municipalities aren’t your thing, you can off-the-grid as you plunge yourself into the indigenous inhabitants that live high in the Andes mountains through planned programs by Maximo Nivel. 


Romania - What to do in Romania?

Whenever you visit Romania, you will notice that it is bursting at the seams with history and fascinating travel destinations. Yet, despite its inherent elegance and welcoming people, Romania has a terrible past relating to the poor handling of children who have been abandoned in orphanages. You can volunteer to help to nurture and love them, as every kid deserves.


India - Gender Inequality

The country with infinite problems as it is home to 1.3 billion people, so it’s no wonder that India is also home to comprehensive problems that could use some assistance of volunteers. From fighting gender inequality and poverty to healthcare and education, you won’t be short of volunteer opportunities in the diverse nation that is India. From taking care of abandoned babies to training sensitive children, there’s lots of work to be done.


Life in Zambia

When we talk about wildlife, Zambia is regarded as one of the best places in Africa to witness in its natural habitat. So if you’re unhesitant to get your Dr. Doolittle on and support the rescue and rehabilitation of unprotected and threatened animals such as elephants, lions, and hippos, make your way there. The experience is like no other you can get anywhere.


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